‘Scandal’ Recap: Quinn Goes Missing On Her Wedding Day

Where in the world is Quinn Perkins? The head of QPA went missing during the Nov. 9 episode of 'Scandal,' and her disappearance had Olivia totally freaking out!

Olivia breaks the bad news to Mellie that Rashad has been killed. Olivia stays resolute throughout the whole conversation, but she’s hiding a big secret. Olivia and Jake were the ones who blew up the plane! Quinn tries to get in touch with Olivia all day and eventually meets up with her. Olivia thinks Quinn’s just stressed about her wedding, but Quinn knows Olivia planted the bomb on Rashad’s plane. Olivia plays it cool and justifies her actions. Quinn doesn’t let her get away with it, but Olivia reminds Quinn that she’s the one who saved her.

The next day, everyone is trying to get in touch with Quinn. Abby soon realizes that Quinn is gone and believes she ran. Olivia is overwhelmed, but is it with worry or guilt? What’s happened to Quinn? Olivia goes to Jake and tells him that he needs to find Quinn ASAP before she can reveal what they’ve done. Jake finds out Quinn’s source, and he attempts to better the situation for Olivia. Quinn’s source used to work for Fenton, Cyrus’s new boo, and Jake thinks he should be their fall guy.

Charlie is certain that Quinn didn’t just bolt before their wedding day. Something has to be wrong. Huck does some investigating and finds some interesting things on her computer. Quinn had been investigating who killed President Rashad. After taking a closer look at her engagement ring, Huck realizes that Quinn’s been taken.

Curtis shows up at QPA looking for Quinn. She called the night before, and he was following up. Curtis and Olivia cross paths again for the first time since they parted ways. He’s still giving her the cold shoulder, but she needs to know what he knows. She begs him to put aside his bad blood toward her. Curtis reveals that Quinn called and said she found something out about the Rashad assassination. Quinn was certain he wasn’t blown up by the Bashranis.

Cyrus immediately starts to doubt Fenton after Abby chastises him for sleeping with the possible enemy. Well, Charlie’s already gotten his hands on Fenton, so this is going to make things interesting. Meanwhile, Olivia calls Jake in a hurry. There’s footage of Quinn and Olivia at the war memorial that has to be deleted as soon as possible. If the Gladiators see Olivia and Quinn talking, they’ll think the worst of Olivia. David manages to get his hands on the footage, but the video cuts off before Olivia is shown. Charlie hits his breaking point. Huck comforts him with some booze.

Meanwhile, Mellie wants someone to pay for Rashad’s death. She summons Jake to the White House and asks if he can have the leaders of the coup in Bashran removed. Jake politely refuses, saying he doesn’t take orders from her. Ouch. The episode ends with Olivia and Jake learning that Quinn was not building a case against them. She was on her way to her wedding when she was taken!

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