‘Scandal’ Recap: [SPOILER] Is Killed In A Fiery Explosion

Olivia asserted her control more than ever on the Nov. 2 episode of 'Scandal.' But the final moments of the show were something even Olivia Pope couldn't have seen coming!

Boy, the tables have turned between Rowan and Olivia. Honestly, it’s a great thing to see. Olivia wears the pants and has Rowan shaking in his boots. Olivia makes sure her father knows that anything and everything he does right now is a privilege, thanks to her. If he doesn’t do what she asks, she’ll take away everything. She demands that he give Fitz this message: “Go home.” Rowan goes directly to Fitz and begs him to leave without a fight. Fitz is not going to go away that easily.

Mellie makes a statement to the world asking that President Rashad be reinstated. Curtis and pretty much everyone else has a field day with this. Mellie’s plea for Rashad doesn’t have the best turnover among American citizens. Mellie and her team begin to consider war in order to have Rashad reinstated. Rashad contemplates going home, but Mellie asks him to stay. Olivia witnesses this and knows it’s not a good thing. Rashad agrees to stay but asks that his niece is protected. She’s quickly whisked away to QPA.

Olivia and Jake attempt to figure out how to fix the Bashran situation. Olivia comes up with the idea that they take out one of the leaders who rose up against Rashad and make it look like the other leader involved did it. The coup will implode, Rashad will restore order, and take back his power. Seems simple, right?

Well, Fitz ruins Olivia’s plan by going straight to Mellie and telling her everything, including that Olivia killed Luna Vargas. Mellie is furious, to say the least. “There’s only us. Isn’t that what you told me?” Mellie asks. She is beyond angry that Olivia went behind her back and did all of this. Mellie demands that Olivia shut down B613 ASAP. “If I ever hear about B613 again, Olivia, so help me God, I will not be so forgiving,” Mellie threatens. She orders Olivia to go and get her a war. Olivia is pissed at Rowan for not convincing Fitz to go home. Now he’s ruined everything. All Rowan wants is to build his dinosaur, but Olivia refuses to give him his bones. LOL.

Will The Real Olivia Pope Please Stand Up?

Cyrus tries to garner support for the war, with Fenton playing on his phone in a corner. Cyrus finally gets fed up with Fenton, who swears he’s been working the whole time. He tells Cyrus that the war is a bad idea, based on the data. Later, Cyrus stops fighting his feelings and kisses Fenton!

Fitz and Jake meet for a drink. Fitz wants a friendly chat about Olivia, but Jake doesn’t let the conversation get anywhere. Jake tells Fitz that he’s wasting his time. He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. This new Olivia is not the old Olivia. She’s a totally different kind of bear. She’s Command. Meanwhile, Olivia’s still sleeping with Curtis. She quickly makes him her newest puppet and gets Rashad on his show. But later, he cuts ties with her because he just “doesn’t like her.”

Cyrus goes to Olivia with Fenton’s numbers and says that he’s going to vote no on the war. Olivia is all kinds of mad that Cyrus isn’t falling in line, but he’s not afraid of her in this instance. This war is not a good thing, and he’s going to stand by that.

Dead & Gone

Olivia finally confronts Fitz after his big reveal to Mellie. They go toe-to-toe, and it’s BRUTAL. He says he’s trying to hand her white hat back to her, but she wants none of that. Olivia tries to get under Fitz’s skin by saying some truly nasty things, but he doesn’t even blink. He knows Olivia’s game. She swears that he can’t change her, but he’s not going to stand by and let the darkness consume her. He’s not leaving until the real Olivia Pope comes back.

Rashad is ready to go back to Bashran, but Mellie asks him to stay once again. They share a passionate kiss, but Mellie cuts it short before it goes too far. Over at QPA, Rashad’s niece goes missing while everyone’s planning Quinn and Charlie’s wedding. Luckily, Huck finds Rashad’s niece and her girlfriend.

After talking with Quinn, Olivia goes to Mellie to ask what she wants. “I want him,” Mellie says, talking about Rashad. But she also wants the treaty. Mellie’s willing to do anything to get the job done and will even use B613. Olivia handles the situation like the pro she is. Mellie assures President Rashad that she has everything taken care of. They almost kiss again, but Mellie stops them.

Olivia gets her payback on Fitz by getting Mellie involved. Mellie demands that Fitz go home, but she does say she’s sorry. No, don’t go, Fitz! Quinn and Charlie see President Rashad and his niece off on a private plane. Just as the plane is about to take off, the plane EXPLODES! President Rashad and Yasmine are D-E-A-D. Who blew up the plane?!

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