‘Empire’ Recap: Lucious Lyon’s Memory Returns Just In The Knick Of Time

Lucious Lyon is back, baby! After struggling for months, Lucious's memories came flooding back on the Nov. 8 episode of 'Empire.' Plus, Hakeem put everything in jeopardy when Bella's custody drama got the best of him.

Hakeem’s hired the best custody lawyer in New York in the wake of Anika revealing she was suing for full custody of Bella. His lawyer tries to understand the twisted relationships within the Lyon family, which is pretty hilarious. Hakeem explains that Tiana’s been helping raise Bella while Anika’s been in jail for the murder of her ex-husband’s brother. Bella’s now totally attached to Tiana.

TMZ rocks the Lyons’ world by revealing to the world that Lucious is suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. The outlet also accuses the Lyons of defrauding Empire shareholders, which puts all of Empire in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Lucious is conflicted about whether or not he wants his memories back. Claudia wants to help him become Dwight and leave Lucious behind for good. This new Lucious is still really missing music, though. Cookie soon storms in and demands that Lucious gets to Empire to prove that the TMZ report is fake news. What Cookie says goes, and when Lucious arrives, he’s bombarded with questions from the people on the board. Cookie offers up the idea that the press can follow Lucious around for 48 hours while the remixes for the 20 for 20 are being finished. She hopes that will calm the board and investors down.

Andre and Pam are getting hot and heavy. She refuses to talk to him about his father’s case, unless there’s something he wants to confess. Andre is teetering dangerously close to the edge. Later, Andre meets up with Pam. She tells him Shine’s been questioned by the police and threw shade Andre’s way. Andre gets defensive. Pam opens the door for him to tell her what he knows, but Andre holds back. Andre eventually confronts Shine about talking to the cops. But Shine swears he didn’t say anything. Oh, Andre. Pam is playing you good.

Jamal and Warren run into Angelo on the street. Angelo taunts Warren and insinuates that Warren leaked the stories about Lucious to the press. Jamal doesn’t believe Angelo. Warren shows up at Angelo’s place later and lets him have it for nearly breaking his cover. Hakeem knocks on Angelo’s door unexpectedly and ends up pushing and punching Angelo in the face, right before his custody hearing for Bella. Why, Hakeem, why?!

Cookie wants Becky to help Lucious in the studio. While Veronica is performing, Lucious shows signs of the old Lucious. He’s still in there! Lucious storms off when he gets frustrated. Cookie’s about to shut down the press day when he comes back with Eddie Barker. Lucious saves Cookie just in the knick of time.

Claudia begins to help Lucious process what he’s seeing when he listens to music. He takes a bunch of bottles of paint and just starts making art. He paints one of the glass windows at Empire and transforms it. Claudia says this is synesthesia. Lucious listens to music and sees color. But Cookie doesn’t think that’s it. “He’s not listening to music. He’s making music,” she says.

Eddie and Jamal collaborate on one of Lucious’s old songs. They’re a really good team. The next day, Cookie presents Lucious Lyon: Memory. His painting is the cover art of the first album of the 20 for 20 set. The board is still not OK with Lucious not being completely himself, and they don’t want Cookie handling Empire on her own. Cookie knows this, so she brings in Eddie Barker as a special advisor to the CEO.

After his fight with Angelo, Hakeem tells Tiana that he’s going to Cuba with Bella. He wants Tiana to come with him. She says she’ll meet him at the airport after she wraps up a session. Hakeem is ready to bolt, but he’s waiting on Tiana. She shows up with Cookie. “We are Lyons. We don’t run,” Cookie tells her son.

Lucious begins to get his memory back. “You’re my muse,” he says to Claudia, but he’s envisioning Cookie.  “I love you.” They begin to kiss! The next day, Claudia wakes up to a whole new Lucious. She tells him that she loves him, too. Oh, girl. “I think you’re misunderstood,” Lucious tells her, before letting her know that she is definitely NOT his music. “Cookie’s my muse,” he continues.

Claudia is shocked by this change in Lucious. She thought Lucious Lyon was gone. But she was very, very, wrong. Lucious is BACK! His memory is back, and Lucious Lyon is back in full force! However, aren’t we all terrified about what Claudia is going to do next? The woman is 50 shades of CRAZY!

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