Kathleen Lights Gives Heartfelt Apology After Jaclyn Hill Snapchats Her Saying The ‘N’ Word

Kathleen Lights wants you to know she's really, REALLY sorry. After saying the 'N' word in a Snapchat video she didn't know Jaclyn Hill posted, Kathleen shared a statement asking for her fans forgiveness!

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Kathleen Lights, 25, is trying to make amends for the horrible mistake she made on Sept. 1, through a very heartfelt apology she shared on social media the following day. The YouTube star had joined blogger Jaclyn Hill, 27, for a joint Snapchat video for their fans in which Kathleen was caught on camera saying the “N” word while playing a heated video game. Jaclyn accidentally shared the video without hearing Kathleen’s serious fumble or her pleas to not post it. Of course fans were rightfully furious and even though Jaclyn has since deleted the post and offered up an apology, in which she also claims she was drunk at the time of filming and that’s why she accidentally posted the video, Kathleen felt it was time to say something herself.

“To all of my disappointed followers,” Kathleen wrote in a message she posted to Instagram and Twitter on Sept. 2. “Last night while I was drunk, unfortunately I accidentally said the N word while playing a video game on Jaclyn’s Snapchat. I want everyone to know it was truly a mistake and I NEVER EVER speak like that. Although it didn’t come from a place of hate or racism I know I have no right to say N***a – Absolutely NO RIGHT. I wasn’t speaking to anyone or anything when I said this. I quickly said “oh don’t post that” because I knew INSTANTLY how wrong it was & I’m truly shocked I even said that.” “That isn’t who I am,” the YouTube star continued. “I think my subscribers know I am 100% completely AGAINST racism & I am ASHAMED of myself because I know that word is hurtful. From the bottom of my heart, I’m deeply sorry & I hope you can forgive me.” Click here to see pics of the Snapchat video incident.

Kathleen went on to edit the message on Instagram, adding in more explanation for what happened. “EDIT: although I appreciate EVERYONES comments,” she wrote in the caption of the original statement. “This message was directed to those of you who were truly hurt by this. Those of you affected by this word. People are under the impression I said N****r (I did not) but the word I said is still JUST AS WRONG. I didn’t say it in a racist context but honestly I shouldn’t have said it AT ALL. I have never been more ashamed in my entire life. I deserve every negative comment coming my way but I hope you can give me a second chance. Please. This community means so much to me & I’m appalled. I try my best to be a good influence & I truly messed up. I will do better and learn from this.”

We’re hoping that Kathleen’s fans and all the others who were offended by her use of the derogatory term will accept her apologize, as she truly seems very sorry for what she did. Both girls also stated in their separate apologizes they were “drunk” during the filming.

Kathleen Lights Apology
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HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Kathleen’s apology? Do you accept it? Do you think it makes up for what she did? Let us know below!

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