Jaclyn Hill: Blogger Posts Snapchat Of Kathleen Lights Saying ‘N’ Word & Fans Are LOSING It

Yikes! Beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill just shared a clip of fellow YouTube star Kathleen Lights saying the 'N' word and fans are absolutely freaking out! Here's what we know!

Kathleen Lights Jaclyn Hill
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

It was just supposed to be a harmless video but things took a turn for the worst! YouTube personalities Jaclyn Hill, 27, and Kathleen Lights decided to do a joint video for their fans on Sept. 1; sounds fun, right? Well, while documenting the night Jaclyn captured Kathleen playing a heated video game where she blurted out the “N” word! Apparently without hearing it, Jaclyn posted the video and in no time followers were furious! Of course, Jaclyn has since deleted the post and offered a response but the blowback is nowhere near dying down! Check out her apology right here!

I would have NEVER have posted that snap if I heard her say anything offensive or heard them say ‘don’t post that’,” Jaclyn wrote on Snapchat. “I had over 15 snaps last night of her playing that video game (which I deleted half of them because I was so loud and annoying) I was just recording & not even paying attention to what anyone was actually saying, Instead I was laughing my ass off the whole time & acting like a drunken fool. Which I take full responsibility for & have learned my lesson. Although Kathleen & her husband both know that it was 100% an accident & I never had bad intentions, it still makes me look like a terrible person to the world & I’m devastated by that.” It certainly sounds like she’s trying to make things right!

Could this incident lead to bad blood between the bloggers like the feud between Laura Lee and Christen Dominique in July?! As you can probably imagine, the animus from fans is palpable! “That word is offensive,” one follower wrote. “Limelight or not, it’s not okay to say it. And Kathleen knows that.” Another added: “Kathleen deff lied about using that word but whatever that’s her karma.” Might this controversy hurt Kathleen’s brand like Jake Paul‘s, 20, controversial behavior tarnished his? We’ll just have to wait and see!

HollywoodLifers, are YOU as shocked by this as we are?! Let us know below!

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