Melania Trump Disses Donald Hand-Holding Twice: Why She Refuses ‘To Be Obedient’

Melania Trump has not been down with showing any sort of love towards her hubby Donald on their first major foreign trip. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on why she keeps shutting down his attempts to hold her hand.

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Image Credit: AP Images

Oh snap! Melania Trump‘s total shut down of Donald Trump trying to hold her hand in public not once but twice has been nothing short of amazing. The 47-year-old first lady swatted the 70-year-old president’s hand away while on a visit to Israel on May 22 and then followed it up with pulling away from his open hand  the next day in Rome. So what’s going on with her very public physical disses? “Donald and Melania used to have a lot of physical contact, smiling and happiness. And Melania was often smiling in those older photos as well. But now we see a change in their body language. He now walks ahead of her several steps and stands far apart from Melania with very little touch and very little eye contact. Donald doesn’t seem to be happy or smiling in her presence. When she pulls her hand away, she is responding to a huge shift in how they are now seen together as a couple,” body language expert Patti Wood tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Donald is now walking ahead of her and choosing to be alpha and not to be seen with her as a couple or as a unit. She is walking behind him and she should be walking beside him, Donald now walks ahead of her and holds his hand out not as an equal couple but the way a parent would to their child. He didn’t stop, Donald didn’t wait for Melania, he didn’t go back to her, he didn’t look at her, he just put his hand back. That is what she was swatting away, she was swatting as if he was her parent — kind of catch-up with me rather than any sign of affection or partnership,” she continues.

“She is responding to the shift and change in their relationship. And she certainly is saying, ‘NO, you will not treat me like a child, you should be here by my side.’ He is treating her very differently and she is refusing to be obedient and suck it up. She is acting out and there is a part of me that is glad she is not letting him treat her with disrespect,” Patti adds. It’s pretty obvious that Melania has had enough of the way Donald treats her and she’s not going to put on a fake love show for him. It’ great that she’s being defiant and making her feelings known by so publicly by refusing to hold his hand.

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Melania has been so public about not wanting to hold Donald’s hand?