18 Stars Who Look Unrecognizable After Extreme Makeovers — See Pics

You get used to seeing your favorite celebrity's face every day, then wake up one morning and -- bam! -- they're totally different! Celebs love their makeovers, and sometimes they're so extreme, it leaves them unrecognizable. See 18 amazing examples of what we mean here!

Stars Who Had Extreme Makeovers
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Jim Carrey, 55, shocked fans when he posted a selfie flaunting a wild, grey beard, which is so much different than his usual clean-cut look. The comedian and actor’s Easter/Passover message to his fans showed him in a state of utter relaxation and bliss while holding an adorable bunny, and he had the carefree facial hair-tee shirt combo to match. That doesn’t mean it didn’t throw fans who barely recognized him for a loop, though!

He’s hardly the first celebrity who’s decided to casually unveil a new look without any warning. It’s practically their favorite pastime! Sometimes it’s something as simple as a new hairstyle, or what Jim did. It can be as large as incredibly shocking plastic surgery, too! These 18 celebrities we’ve tracked down have made themselves totally unrecognizable in one way or another.

Take Kylie Jenner, 19, for example. We’ve seen Kylie grow up on television right before our eyes, so it’s only natural that she’s transformed in some way. But this is…different. Kylie totally altered her face, and it’s almost impossible to recognize her when you see old photos. She’s been very open about getting lip injections after feeling self conscious, and it’s changed her whole appearance. She’s also gotten pretty pro at doing her makeup too. Totally different person now.

Celebrities Before & After Plastic Surgery — See Pics

There’s celebrities who have lost weight, like Mama June Shannon, 37, and it’s reshaped their entire look. Mama June has lost a whopping 300 pounds in the past few months, getting down to a slim size 4, as revealed on her new show Mama June: From Not To Hot. If you simply looked at a photo of the reality star without anyone cluing you in, you’d have no idea who she was. It’s insane!

HollywoodLifers, whose transformation are you most stunned by? Tell us in the comments!

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