Mama June Answers 5 Key Questions About How She Lost 300 Pounds & More

That's one hot mama! Mama June has detailed her extreme weight loss journey on the WE tv show 'From Hot To Not,' and she's now telling all on the podcast! From her motivation to finding love again, Mama June answers 5 key questions!

1) You’ve lost almost 300 lbs now. What finally motivated you to do it? Revenge on Sugar Bear? 

Mama June: I realized is that I wanted to do better for myself, and then you know, Sugar Bear decided to get married, so I wanted to show him like how I was worth it. But then I realized that I had to do it for myself and myself only.

2) Did you decide to get the gastric sleeve from the beginning?

Mama June: It took about 8 months because you have to get your body ready for it. You have to get through a liquid diet. You have to detox your body so it takes a little while. Then you have to have the gastric sleeve before you have the skin removal surgery because they want you to lose as much weight as possible because if not, you’re just gonna keep spending money on having the tummy tuck, and other things.

Mama June’s Weight Transformation — PICS!

3) What was the toughest of the skin surgeries? Your neck? Your stomach?

Mama June: I have to say when I had my stomach done I had to be bent over for a few days and that was the worst part. After that I was fine. I didn’t have any kind of complication. No swelling that much, and I didn’t have any bruising. The one I was nervous about was the gastric. You know, you realize that the gastric sleeve- if you try to ever eat it will actually rip your stomach back up. I tell people all the time. I have over ate and thrown it back up. But you can’t continuously do that because if you do, you’re just gonna rip the staples open and you’re gonna be in  a whirlwind of shit.

4) Are you loving your new breast implants? 

Mama June: They’re not really big… I mean there’s only like 400 ccs in there and most of its mine. So they’re not like awfully big i mean I’m not doing anything with them.

5) Will you be open to love again? Will you date again?

Mama JuneYes, one day, yes. When the time is right. Who knows. When it falls in my lap.

HollywoodLifers, you can hear more about Mama June’s surgery, Sugar Bear and more on our podcast!

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