‘Prison Break’ Recap: Michael Plots His Escape & Teams Up With A Dangerous Ally

Is Michael Scofield still the heroic protagonist we know or is he actually the villainous 'Kaniel Outis'? Both sides come out in the April 11 episode of 'Prison Break' as he plans his escape from Ogygia with help from Lincoln and C-Note. Plus, Sara finally gets the shocking evidence she needs to believe Michael's still alive.

Prison Break Kaniel Outis
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Yemen is in chaos. ISIL is getting closer to the capital and the rebels are growing rowdier as they attempt to free their leader: The violent extremist, Abu Ramal, who just so happens to be staying in Ogygia like Michael, or, as he now goes by, Kaniel Outis. It turns out, Kaniel, who was put in prison for working with the rebels, was recently released from solitary after trying to escape(sound familiar)?

He’s clearly been wasting no time trying again, though. Michael and his cellmate, Whip, are plotting to get out of Ogygia before the rebels get too close and bomb the area. However, for the seventh night in a row, their plan falls short: They don’t receive the signal they need, and the man who was supposed to turn the lights out for them fails to do so.

A Classic Michael Scofield Escape Plan

Elsewhere in the city, Lincoln and C-Note receive a message from Michael that reads:”Find the sheik of light and I will be free.” The men can’t decipher it on their own, so they turn to C-Note’s ally, Sheba. Linc gives her the money her family needs to escape the war-ridden country in exchange for help decoding the message. She discovers a phone number coded in the note, and it leads to the voicemail of Mohammad El Tunis, the Director of Electrical Works. They get an address for Mohammad, but it’s in the suburbs — the center of the war.

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Lincoln, C-Note and Sheba manage to sneak past the rebels in front of Mohammad’s house, but he won’t leave without his daughter, who’s hiding from ISIL — they want to punish her for educating young girls. The rebels start closing in on the foursome, and while C-Note, Sheba and Mohammad escape to their car via the roof, Linc causes a commotion outside by attacking the driver of a pickup truck. He lets Mohammad’s daughter and her students out of the basement and speeds off with them in the car, but rebels with machine guns are close behind. Luckily, they approach a government checkpoint, and the rebels are shot dead, so Lincoln and his crew get out safely. Mohammad explains that he was supposed to help his son, Sid, who’s in Ogygia for homosexuality, escape by creating a blackout (Michael’s plan), but he was unable to follow through with it for the last week because he was dealing with what happened to his daughter.

‘Prison Break — PICS

Back in the prison, Michael is putting the rest of his plan into motion. He presses a burning rag to his forehead to feign a brutal fever and earn a trip to the infirmary, but the head guard doesn’t want to offer Kaniel Outis, who worked with the same men who are now destroying the city, any help. Luckily, Michael seems to have found an ally in one guard, who offers him two morphine pills. He pretends to swallow them, but later gives the meds to one of his cellmates in return for access to the man’s cell phone and credit card. He wants to use it to “order a pizza,” he says (this will all make sense later).

A Warning For Sara

Back in the States, Sara goes to find out more about Michael’s ‘death’ from officials and comes face to face with Paul Kellerman. Considering their rocky past, she doesn’t exactly trust him, but sticks around long enough for him to show her that, as far as records goes, the face of the murderous Kaniel Outis is Michael’s. Kellerman sends Sara four-year-old footage shot by a hunter in the woods that shows the Deputy Chief of the CIA being killed. In the images, it’s Michael, or Kaniel Outis, committing the crime. It turns out Kaniel escaped the charges by flying to Yemen, but his luggage was left behind…with the Deputy Chief’s blood all over it.

When Sara picks Michael Jr. up from school, he hands her an origami flower which he says was given to him by “the pizza man.” Inside is a note that reads: “Hide everyone, a storm is coming.” It’s clearly another message from Michael.

The episode ends with Michael and his prison friends getting the signal from Mohammad and Lincoln that the blackout is coming in 24 hours. Unfortunately, Sid points out, it might be too late — Abu Ramal and his men are released from solitary, and Sid fears he and Michael will be killed. However, when Abu enters the general population, Michael gives him a huge hug, and it’s revealed that Abu is in on the plan to escape.

There’s still SO much we don’t know — why did Michael fake his death and be come this villainous Kaniel Outis? Did he really do all of the things Kaniel was accused of? Will he really let a dangerous man like Abu escape, or is it just part of a greater plan? And there’s only seven episodes left to find out!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s episode of Prison Break?!

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