‘Quantico’ Recap: [Spoiler] Is Kidnapped & Harry Runs Into A Familiar Face

The stakes are higher than ever on 'Quantico.' The task force team gets their most dangerous assignment yet on the April 3 episode. Plus, Clay's fiancee is introduced and multiple lives are left in jeopardy.

Two masked people, who are likely working for the collaborators, place blueprints and other shady pieces of evidence in someone’s apartment. But whose?! I need answers!

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Guess who we’re finally getting to meet? Clay’s fiancee, Max! She’s a feisty one. Their sexy makeout session in bed is interrupted by Clay’s job, the one that he won’t tell Max about. She confronts him about the task force, but he doesn’t tell her anything.

The Cash has been accessed again by Rebecca Sherman, an NYC socialite and power broker. She accessed classified intel on passport control. The team needs to get all of her information ASAP. Everyone points to Clay. They want to use him as bait! He doesn’t want to do it and get Max involved. Come on, Clay! Play ball.

When Harry Met Clay

Harry has officially joined the task force, and there’s one person he doesn’t get along with right off the bat: Clay. Harry calls Clay out for not helping out the team when he has the chance. Clay finally caves.

Alex will act as a member of Clay’s private security team. He has to access Rebecca’s personal computer while meeting with her and Max to discuss the wedding. Ryan wants to get Sasha involved, because she somehow knows Rebecca.

Before the team heads out, Clay tells Harry to stay back. That does not suit well with Harry. He says that if everyone leaves without him, he won’t be here when they get back. Now someone’s being a bit overdramatic about this…

Max and Clay meet up with Rebecca. Alex distracts Rebecca while Clay hacks her computer. Sasha, Alex, and Clay somehow all work together seamlessly. Because Clay won’t tell her anything, Max gets pissed and storms out. Rebecca catches Clay by her computer, but she’s not mad. She wants his help!

Apparently, Rebecca helped facilitate connections between collaborators. She’s willing to help the team if they can promise her and her family protection. One of the collaborators agrees to a meeting in Central Park. Once the guy talks, the team will get Rebecca and her family out of the country. Rebecca is relieved that this is all going to be over. She just wants safety and to be with her family. She’s willing to give up her career. She knows what’s truly important. Before she heads out to the meeting, she gives Alex some advice. Rebecca tells Alex that she doesn’t need a man to guide her in this life. The decisions ahead are going to be hard, especially when it comes to loved ones, but Alex has to choose at the end of the day. “Do you need them more than the world needs you?” Rebecca asks Alex.

Harry shows up right as the team is about to spread out at Central Park. He begs Clay to take him back in the most Harry way. God, I love him.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Things get dicey quickly. Rebecca’s signal is lost when she’s meeting with the collaborator. He’s shot dead on the spot. Rebecca attempts to run away, but she’s caught in the crosshairs. Owen’s ready to try and help, but Clay tells him to stand back. Alex wants to run to Rebecca’s side and help her. But Clay keeps Alex in the van. He tells her they can’t risk exposure. For once, she can’t be the hero. Alex refuses to let Rebecca die alone, though. She talks to Rebecca until she passes.

Harry gets left behind by the team. Ugh. However, he spots Sebastian amidst the madness. WTF?! Back at The Farm, Clay is pissed. They all messed up, including him. Shelby runs into his office and tells him to call Max before anyone else and explain to her what’s going on. Clay is one stubborn Haas and storms out.

Alex mourns Rebecca’s death at The Green Leaf and asks herself a pretty important question. “Who gets a call when I die?” she asks Owen. He tells her that people like them don’t have many connections or people to grieve over them. That’s what happens when you choose duty over everything else. “You’re not the person to hide from anything and you never will be,” Owen says to Alex.

Their conversation segues to Lydia. They’re still connected, but Owen’s at a loss as to what to do next. Alex advises that he be honest with Lydia and not shut her out just because she’s not who he wants her to be.

Please Form A Support Group For [Spoiler]

Meanwhile, Nimah calls Ryan out for compromising himself for Sasha. She knows he should leave the team, but she doesn’t want him to go. “You’re my friend yet you make the worst decisions when it comes to women,” Nimah says to Ryan, SLAYING HIM WITH A TRUTH DAGGER. Nimah urges Ryan to compromise Sasha so he’ll know longer be compromised. I love these two.

Raina goes back to her apartment and finds all the evidence in HER place. Nimah calls her but Raina doesn’t answer. Raina’s then attacked by the same people who were in the apartment earlier! Knowing what happened to Leon, I’m very scared for Raina.

Shelby goes to see Max on her own after her talk with Clay. She encourages Max not to lose faith in Clay. Out of all the Haas family members, he’s truly a good one. He’s obligated to keep secrets because of his job, not because he wants to. She begs Max to not let Clay’s job change her. Clay won’t be able to come back from that.

After telling her to not trust Samar, Alex has a change of heart. Shelby calls Samar later, opening herself up to a connection once again. Owen sees Lydia, but there’s clearly tension between them. Harry calls Alex to tell her that he’s done with the task force, but this is not his decision. Sebastian’s holding him at gunpoint! How are you going to leave us hanging like that, Quantico?!

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