‘Quantico’ Recap: Alex & Ryan Decide To Move On & [SPOILER] Winds Up Dead

Is Ralex done for good?! The March 27 episode of 'Quantico' featured Ryan and Alex attempting to move on from each other, Shelby and Clay grow closer, and [SPOILER] is killed!

The Cash has been accessed again, so it’s back to work for the secret task force. Before it all goes down, Clay reaches out to Owen to get to know the team better. Clay thinks he should know them the best so he can prevent enemies from hurting them. He has Owen strip the team down to their core characteristics.

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Alex always has to be the hero. She’s reckless, emotional, and does whatever it takes to protect others. Owen is more than aware of Ryan and Alex’s “deep connection.” Alex is Ryan’s weak spot. Ryan is a good soldier until Alex gets involved. Then everything gets thrown out the window. Bingo!

He says Dayana was a child soldier, but even though she says she’s left her dark past behind, it’ll never go away. Nimah is strong-willed, but she’s weighed down by her sins. Clay’s not a fan of Nimah’s at the moment and calls her a “glorified mascot.” Clay doesn’t ask about Shelby. He doesn’t need Owen’s help getting a good read on her. But Owen talks about her anyway. Shelby cares way too much about what others think of her.

Owen also reads Clay like it’s nothing. He can sense Clay doesn’t want to be here. Clay ends the conversation and asks Owen to gather the team.

All About The Trolls (But Not The Cute Ones)

The gang’s at the bar letting loose before the next assignment. Alex attempts to flirt with a cute guy, but Ryan keeps getting in the way. Actually, Alex keeps letting Ryan get in the way. “Admit it, this is about Ryan,” Shelby says. “It always been and always will be. You guys may not be together, but you’re still tied to each other.” Ryan’s got issues of his own he needs to worry about. That reporter, Sasha, keeps texting him.

Clay filmed everything Owen said about the task force. That’s dirty! He wants Owen to know his place. Apparently, there was an explosion at a chemical plant in a Virginia town, but there’s been no movement from the CIA or NSA. Sketchy. As the team investigates, Owen figures out it’s a hoax. The photos and videos are all fake. Hey there, fake news! Someone wants something in the town, that’s why everyone has been evacuated. This is the work of trolls, and the team has to find out why they set this all up.

Clay and Shelby flirt up a storm while working. I sooooooo ship them. I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right! Unfortunately, he ruins their moment when he makes an awkward joke about Shelby when she says she’s got a boyfriend. He walks away before he has to look Shelby in the eye after that epic fail.

Harry comes back to help the team once again, thanks to Alex. Once upon a time, he went undercover with Russian trolls. He’s willing to help the team get into the troll farm in Virginia, but he wants credit so MI6 can know about it.

Nimah is basically the one doing sh*t work while everyone else does the fun stuff. She knows exactly what Clay is doing. Shelby tells Nimah she needs to talk to Clay in order to make a change. When Clay sidelines her again and calls her a terrorist, that’s when Nimah starts to stand up for herself.

Nimah For The Win

Sasha and Ryan finally meet to talk. She wants to know what the CIA is up to or she’ll expose Ryan and his friends in her column. She’s got receipts so he can’t really squirm his way out of this one. Meanwhile, Alex and Harry head to the troll farm. Alex and Harry start asking too many questions about Brookwell, and that’s when things get shady. The guy pulls a gun on Harry.

Alex and Harry are able to settle the situation without Owen and everyone else’s help. They find out these collaborators are buying more time for whatever they’re looking for with the evacuation. The team goes into Brookwell in hazmat suits to get to the bottom of the situation. On the sideline, Nimah figures out they’re not looking for something, they’re looking for a person.

Alex and Ryan find a girl, named Mallory Haines, hiding in a house. She thinks they’re there to kill her, but Alex convinces the girl that they’re here to protect her. Mallory worked for a Virginia senator. She’s the one who created the fake news. The senator’s been trying to sever any connection to fake news, and that starts with getting rid of Mallory.

Nimah saves Shelby onsite from getting caught by a cop. Dayana and Harry team up. This assignment allows Harry to show off his incredible American accent. Russell Tovey is a freakin’ gem. Harry and Dayana are able to provide distraction so Alex and Ryan can get Mallory out alive. Shots are fired but they escape. On their way out, Sasha spots Ryan. This girl is EVERYWHERE!

Let Them In, Harry!

Raina still hasn’t seen Nimah since the G20 summit. Nimah feels lost and out of place since the hostage crisis. Shelby stresses to Nimah that she needs to remember the good things she’s done and own the mistakes she’s made. Who else is loving Shelby and Nimah’s growing bond?

Clay and Owen have another one of their little chats after Owen’s put in his place. Clay has a lot to learn and Owen knows it. You can tell Clay wants to prove himself to Owen. Clay brings up a good point: Owen’s not allowing Clay to learn the job. Owen keeps standing in the way between him and the team. This isn’t The Farm and Owen needs to realize that.

Once they’ve called a truce, Clay asks Owen for his advice. The team wants justice but they’re going to have to wait. Clay doesn’t know what to do. Owen says to lie to the team so they all think they’ve taken down the bad guys. Clay is hesitant but knows it’s the best move.

Harry is beyond pissed that — once again — he’s not getting any credit for the work he’s done. Come on, Harry. This is a secret task force. Everything the gang is doing has to be kept a secret. Don’t @ me, Harry. Love you! Even though he’s been helping out the gang, he’s not exactly a team player. Alex has a “come to Jesus” meeting with him and tells him his weaknesses.

He’s afraid to make a connection because the closest one he ever had died right in front of him. Alex knows how he feels. When her father died, she closed herself off and shut everyone out. It wasn’t until that she met Ryan, Shelby, Nimah, and Simon (RIP) that she opened up again. She wants Harry to let her and the rest of the task force in. She refuses to abandon him even when he pushes her away.

Sasha meets with Ryan again. She’s not dropping her lead. What she doesn’t fully grasp is that her releasing this story could mean Ryan’s life. He gives her another story to appease her for now.

Goodbye Ralex, Hello Clelby?

Clay lies to the team about Mallory. He sends her away so she can stay under the radar. Nimah finds the next face on the board, the Speaker of the House, so the team calls it a day and heads to The Greenleaf. Alex catches Ryan at the bar and says that she’s been thinking a lot about him. They’re connected and always will be, but she tells Ryan that she doesn’t expect him to wait until she’s ready to be together again.

“I love you, Alex,” he says. “I always will.” But he wants time away from her. Alex is shocked to hear such words out of Ryan. I don’t think she really expected him to have this viewpoint. When you wait around too long, people get bored and wander off.

Clay shows up to the bar and runs right into Shelby. He knows Shelby made up the boyfriend, so now they’re on level playing field. She wanted him to think she was worthy of being loved after what she did. She knows he has a good reason to hate her. “I don’t hate you,” he says. “I want to. Very, very badly. But I do not seem to be able to.”


Clay officially welcomes Nimah to the team. FINALLY! Owen brings Harry, who joins the team for good! Ryan asks Sasha out to dinner. Everything seems fine and good. Shelby calls Leon to check up on him. He doesn’t answer. Why? Because’s he’s dead as a doornail. Two masked people leave Leon’s dead body in a bathtub with his wrists slit. RIP, Leon.

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