Auntie Fee: 5 Things To Know About Chef Fighting For Her Life After Heart Attack

As Auntie Fee continues to fight for her life following a debilitating heart attack, get to know the hilarious Internet sensation with five fast facts right here.

1. She went viral in 2014

Auntie Fee, 59, whose real name is Felicia O’Dell, first made headlines in 2014 when she released a video about how to make “sweet treats for the kids.” It was no ordinary cooking how-to, though — instead, Auntie Fee’s instructions were filled with expletives, and her signature form of instructional videos began.

2. She created a whole meal for $3.35

Fee’s most-viewed video, which has nearly five million views on YouTube, details how to feed a family of seven for just over $3.00. Don’t get too excited, though — the recipe calls for instant ramen and leftover taco meat. Uhh….

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3. She sells her own products

Aside from just ‘cookin’ & cussin’,’ Auntie Fee has also developed a brand, which includes various cookware, apparel and spices that she sells on her website, You can buy aprons, spices, seasonings, t-shirts and more to look and cook just like Auntie Fee!

4. She’s booked some small acting roles

Since gaining notoriety online, Auntie Fee booked roles in Barbershop: The Next Cut and It’s All Happening, in which she portrays herself. She also played a judge in the 2016 movie Bank.

5. She suffered a heart attack on Mar. 14, 2017

Auntie Fee is left fighting for her life on life support after a heart attack on March 14. Her husband called 911 when Fee started experiencing chest pains, and although it was originally reported that she tragically died from the illness, her official Facebook and Twitter pages confirmed that she was, indeed, still battling to survive.

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