Chrismukkah: 6 Ways To Celebrate ‘The O.C.’ Holiday & Get The Best Of Both Worlds

It's not all the time that Christmas and Chanukkah cross paths, but in 2016, Christmas Eve and the first night of Chanukkah happen to fall on the very same day. Of course, we can't help but get major 'The O.C.' Chrismukkah vibes about this, so we've come up with some ways you can celebrate the epic crossover holiday!

Fans of The O.C. still seem to bring up the show’s fictional holiday, Chrismukkah, even years after its cancellation! Chrismukkah was created by Seth Cohen, who was raised by a Jewish father and Christian mother, and wanted to get the best of both worlds when it came to the holidays. Here’s how you can celebrate just like Seth!

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1. Double up on presents

Chrismukkah means eight days of individual presents, like those who celebrate Chanukkah get, followed by one day of MANY  gifts, like those who celebrate Christmas get. This year, Christmas actually falls on the second day of Chanukkah, and although Seth has never specified the rules for a situation like this, we can guess he’d probably be okay with the day full of gifts occurring then!

2. Fill up the mantel

You don’t have to choose between a Menorah or candy cane on Chrismukkah — you get both! Fill up the mantel with Menorahs, candy canes, scented candles, dreidels, stockings and MORE from both holidays. And, of course, a Christmas tree is also allowed!

2016 Celebrity Christmas Cards

3. Get enthusiastic!

You can’t celebrate a Seth Cohen-created holiday without getting in the spirt. If you’re going to do Chrismukkah, you need to do Chrismukkah RIGHT! That means breaking out a holiday sweater and telling everyone you know about this sensation sweeping the nation.

4. Mix up your yarmulke and santa claus hat

Seth came up with the perfect headgear for Chrismukkah — a yamaclaus!  It’s a red yarmulke with a white cotton ball on top, the perfect mix of both winter holidays!

5. Download the perfect playlist

Make sure to add both Christmas AND Chanukkah tunes to your playlist this holiday season, because you’ll want to listen to BOTH during Chrismukkah.

6. Stay in on Christmas…but order Chinese food!

While most Jews like to hit the movies and Chinese restaurants on Christmas, those who celebrate Chrismukkah should take a different approach. Indulge in the cozy family time at home like most Christians, but also take part in modern day Jewish traditions by ordering in the Chinese food and popping the movie up on the big screen!

HollywoodLifers, how will you be celebrating Chrismukkah this year?!

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