9 Celebrities Who Didn’t Vote In The 2016 Election: Kanye West & More

Whether you supported Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, it's important to let your voice BE HEARD! Unfortunately, these 9 celebrities didn't even have the time or energy to simply get out of bed and cast their vote. Shame, shame, shame! Check out the list!

Which Celebrities Didn't Vote
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1. Kanye West

Despite marrying into a family that is so pro-Hillary Clinton, Kanye West didn’t vote and let the entire world know it. Big mistake! During his San Jose concert on Nov. 17, the rapper told the crowd he would have supported Donald Trump if he felt like voting. The audience booed him and demanded their money back!

2. Colin Kaepernick

We completely understand and respect the importance behind the Black Lives Matter movement, but is that seriously a reason not to vote? “I said from the beginning I was against oppression, I was against the system of oppression,” he explained to Yahoo! Sports. The NFL star also didn’t stand during a game’s national anthem. Sour puss.

3. Mike Evans

Here’s another football player that didn’t vote, for the same reason as Colin. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver replied “No” on Instagram when a fan asked if he voted.

4. Jeb Bush

Also running in the 2016 Election was good ol’ Mr. Jeb. The politician didn’t get very far, but it’s not hard feelings that got in the way. “I can’t vote for Hillary and I can’t vote for Donald, and it breaks my heart,” he revealed in Sept. speech. “The bar’s not that high for me.” Jeb refused to pick between the lesser of two evils.

5. George W. Bush

Since Jeb didn’t vote, it’s not that surprising that his brother didn’t either. It sounded like George was #WithHer for awhile, but his camp later revealed that he, and his wife Laura, left their voting ballots blank.

6. Tom Brady

We’re not 100% sure with this one, but judging on how vague he’s been about politics, it sounds like he didn’t make up his mind by Election Day. Even wifey Gisele Bundchen disapproves of Tom’s political stance, and practically forbid him from talking about it at the dinner table.

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7. Kendrick Lamar

That’s right, folks, this cooler-than-ice rapper actually admitted in interviews that he’ll NEVER vote, because he doesn’t believe it makes a difference, and won’t add to the hypocrisy that is does.

8. P. Diddy

The man who once stood by his Vote Or Die campaign has officially left the post. P. Diddy had a change of heart in 2015. “We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of sh-t,” he confessed. “The whole shit is a scam.”

9. Russell Brand

Since the comedian was born in the United Kingdom, we’re not sure if he’s registered to the vote in the US. But when it comes to his home country’s politics, Russell isn’t keen on voting. “I’ve never voted, never will,” he said to BBC.

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that these celebs didn’t vote? Or was it expected?

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