Rihanna Caught Drake Sending ‘Shady’ Late-Night Texts To Other Women Before Split

Was Drake caught red-handed by Rihanna? RiRi supposedly discovered some things she didn't want to see on Drake's phone while they were still together, which may have ultimately caused their breakup. Get the details right here!

Rihanna Caught Drake Cheating
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“Rihanna caught [Drake] in a few lies and found some shady late-night texts to other women,” a source revealed to Life & Style. OMG, how could Drake do that to Rihanna?!

Apparently Drake, 29, tried to tell Rihanna, 28, that the texts were simply from “his boys,” but Rihanna saw right through that. According to the source, Rihanna had always thought Drake’s groupies were “relentless,” which made it hard to trust them. And while she thought (or at least hoped) that Drake was different than the guys he hangs out with, she was seemingly wrong. The insider didn’t mention if that’s what ended things, but we’re thinking a girl like Rihanna does not put up with that kind of suspicious behavior!

When news initially broke that Drake and Rihanna had split, sources said that it was their schedules that got in the way of their relationship. But another insider revealed that Drake was already involved with model India Love, who easily could’ve been one of the girls Drake was reportedly late-night texting while he and Rihanna were still together. And before India, Drake was seen getting cozy with another model named Dakota Gonzalez. Oh, and even Nicki Minaj has been speculated to be involved in the split. Maybe Drake was never faithful?

India Love: See Pics Of The Woman Drake May Have Cheated With

At the same time, Rihanna’s ex Travis Scott was reportedly spotted sneaking into her hotel on Oct. 7, so she may not be so innocent either. Since we don’t know how long Rihanna and Drake have been seeing other people, though, we can’t really judge any of these hookups until we have more details. But from the sounds of it, Drake fueled the fire with his late-night texting and it’s only spiraled from there. No matter what actually happened, we’re devastated that this romance couldn’t last!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Drake was cheating on Rihanna? Think they’ll ever get back together? Tell us below!

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