India Love Shades Rihanna: You’re ‘Completely Blind’ To Who Drake Is

Shade alert! Model India Love sent a majorly cryptic tweet on October 10 that hinted at the relationship problems between Drake and Rihanna. Drake's been accused of getting cozy with India while with Rihanna, and it seems like she may be taunting her about it! Click through to see the tweet!

India Love Slams Rihanna
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“I think it’s mad crazy how you could really be dating someone for a period of time & be completely blind to who they really are,” India Love tweeted on October 10. Whoa! Who could she be talking about? India isn’t linked to anyone at the moment, so this isn’t about her own relationship problems. Unless, of course, the rumors are true; has she really been hooking up with Drake behind Rihanna‘s back?

It definitely feels like she’s sending a message to Rihanna on Twitter. Rihanna’s officially been dating Drake since the MTV Video Music Awards in August, and has been so blissfully in love ever since. Their history is deep, too. To put it in Drake’s own words at the VMAs, he’s been in love with her since he was 22!

Despite the fact that Drake was so dedicated and determined to make Rihanna his only girl, it appeared that he just reportedly couldn’t keep his wandering eye in check. That wild side allegedly included hooking up with India, along with another model, Dakota Gonzalez. Rihanna reportedly found out about both, and it was splitsville.

India Love — See Pics Of Drake’s Rumored Love Interest

There’s a whole different level to this shade, though. India’s ex, Cliff Dixon, allegedly cheated on her once upon a time with Rihanna! So, is she talking about Drake and Rihanna, or herself and Cliff? This is so good!

HollywoodLifers, do you think India was shading Rihanna on Twitter? Tell us in the comments!

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