Shemar Moore: ‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Robbed Of $60,000 From Guest Star & Friend

Wow -- this is SO crazy! 'Criminal Minds' alum Shemar Moore took a former co-worker to court on Aug. 11 over $60k! Shemar claims that Keith Tisdell owes him that large sum of money and you better believe he's demanding his former colleague and friend to pay him back! Get Shemar's side of the story here.

Shemar Moore Robbed
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Poor Shemar Moore, 46, was robbed of approximately $60,000 by his former pal, Keith Tisdell, who was also a guest actor on Criminal Minds, where Shemar — a Criminal Minds alum himself, first met the man. And while the two became friends back in 2013, according to the Los Angeles Timesthey are certainly NOT on good terms any longer!

Shemar even appeared in an LA court on Aug. 11 to testify against Keith. “We became friends…We went into business together,” Shemar explained to the judge, Hayden Zacky. “I’m not here for money. I’m here because he betrayed a friendship. This is not OK. You don’t do this to people.”

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What reportedly happened is this, Shemar and Keith first met on the set of Criminal Minds, before Shemar left the show for good this past March, when they appeared together on the same episode of season 8. After becoming friends, Shemar invited his new pal to work with him on his retail company, Baby Girl LLC, which raises funds for multiple sclerosis research — a disease that plagued his mother.

But as it turns out, the whole time Shemar thought he was lending his friend a hand, Keith was completely betraying him and slowly funneling money from the company. He was even arrested in January on suspicion of embezzlement, but he subsequently admitted to grand theft, according to court documents.

Shemar told the judge on Aug. 11 that the theft went unnoticed on his part for a long time, however, an audit revealed that cash from Baby Girl LLC was missing. As a result, Shemar confronted Keith about the missing money and Keith —according to Shemar — completely lied to his face and denied any wrongdoing.

“In my mind, he wasn’t man enough to look me in the eye and fess up. I’ve done a lot for him because he had me, my friends fooled,” Shemar said. However, it does seem like Shemar WILL get his organization’s money back as the two actors reached an agreement at the end of the hearing, which stipulated that Keith would repay the actor a total of $61,084 in an effort to avoid having to serve any jail time!

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