Amanda Bynes Slams John Travolta On ‘Secret’ Twitter: He’s A ‘Sexual Monster’ & ‘Pervert’

Amanda Bynes has lobbed some serious allegations at John Travolta, calling him a "sex monster" and "pervert" on the same level as Bill Cosby! The actress went off on her not-so-secret Twitter account about alleged evidence that she has, proving John is a predator! Click through for her damning tweets!

Amanda Bynes Calls John Travolta Pervert
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It was revealed in 2014 that troubled actress Amanda Bynes, 30, tweets under the unverified handle @PersianLA27, using the pseudonym Ashley Banks. She hasn’t been coy about the fact that she’s Amanda, and uses the account to speak her mind quite freely. Now, Amanda has gone on a Twitter rant targeting actor John Travolta, 62, for allegedly sexually abusing men, apparently both on and off set!

Amanda tweeted on August 11 that John is allegedly a “pervert,” and a “sexual monster” who “sexually abuses, assaults and harasses men.” One alleged source of evidence for these claims that Amanda cites is a reported confession from a friend who had an “encounter” with John. But Amanda alleges that the media “refuses to publish the truth.” When did this happen, and what happened?

He always had men in his trailer. MEN. I walked in on him & another “male masseur” and was nearly fired! He’s sick

— ashley banks (@PersianLa27) August 11, 2016

If you want to f*ck men then fine that’s adorbz but when you SEXUALLY ABUSE, assault, & harass these men then you must face justice!

— ashley banks (@PersianLa27) August 11, 2016

Amanda also claims that she walked in on John in his trailer with a “male masseur” and, that she was almost fired after that. The only film that both John and Amanda have worked on together is the 2007 musical Hairspray! Amanda clarified that she wasn’t trying to be homophobic, but was appalled that John was (allegedly) abusing men.

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Allegations that John groped a male masseur are not new. John was accused of doing so by two different masseurs in 2012, one in Atlanta, GA, and the other in Beverly Hills, CA. The Georgia masseur alleged, according to legal docs, that John masturbated in front of him while receiving his massage, and allegedly tried to make him touch his privates.

The second masseur alleged that a similar event happened to him on January 16, 2016, but that allegation was proven false; John was in New York at the time! Essentially, John was never convicted of any wrongdoing. Does Amanda have new evidence, or is she dragging up old allegations? has reached out to John’s reps for comment on these allegations.

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