‘Pretty Little Liars’ Shocker: Jason Dated One Of The Liars — Why It Has To Be Aria

Marlene King revealed in a new interview that Jason DiLaurentis dated on the Liars during the 'Pretty Little Liars' time jump. After some investigating, I've concluded that the lucky lady has to be Aria. Here's why!

Marlene King revealed in an Entertainment Weekly interview with Troian Bellisario that Jason did have a “moment in time, a relationship with one of the Pretty Little Liars over the last five years.”

Okay, so here me out. Aria wasn’t in that serious of a relationship during the time jump. She had Liam, but she wasn’t with him until the end of that 5-year jump. As we all know, Ezra was not in the picture. In the promo for the Aug. 9 episode, Jason and Aria meet up. Their conversation is how I know Jason and Aria dated.

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“You haven’t told anyone, have you?” Aria asks Jason. He replies, “Let’s keep it our secret.” The way he says it is just magical. But why wouldn’t he want anyone to know about their secret relationship? Are they both hiding something?

Plus, Jason and Aria kissed back in season two. At the time, Jason revealed that he liked her, but she told him she wasn’t available. So there’s always been something more between them.

Sidenote: Jason is now looking super hot with long hair and a beard. This scruffy look is a good look for him.

Jason’s ex can’t be the other four Liars — Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison — for obvious reasons. Hanna and Caleb were together at the beginning of those 5 years. When they broke up, Hanna got into a relationship with Jordan and later got engaged. But even if Hanna and Jason did hook up, she wouldn’t have been the first Marin he’s tapped. That honor goes to Mrs. Marin.

It’s not Spencer or Alison, because that would have been incest. Gross. Jason wouldn’t ever go there. He had just unknowingly experienced it with his cousin CeCe/Charlotte. And the girl can’t be Emily because she is a lesbian. If she was straight, Emily and Jason would have made one HOT couple.

So that’s how I know it’s Aria. The little Liar is newly-engaged, so I bet she’s going to want to keep her past relationship (if I’m right about this) with Jason a secret. The secret romance probably wouldn’t go over too well with Ezra. Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Jason dated Aria? Let me know!

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