‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Did Aria Say Yes To Ezra’s Proposal?

So. Much. Drama. Not only did Aria finally have to give Ezra an answer to his proposal on the Aug. 2 episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' but Alison also found out the liars gave her up as Charlotte's killer in order to save Hanna. Read our full recap here!

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The Aug. 2 episode of Pretty Little Liars started with the girls trying to calm Hanna (Ashley Benson) down — she had a theory that Rollins was still alive. And Aria (Lucy Hale) kept her proposal a secret — at least, for the time being. Why? It wasn’t immediately apparent, but when Alison (Sasha Pieterse) walked in to the cafe, everyone froze because she was wearing the red jacket the girls turned over to A.D. Apparently, she found out they turned her in for Charlotte’s murder. (Rough.)

Alison was pissed, but when Spencer (Troian Bellisario) followed her home to meet with the detective, they learned that the police were onto their plan, which was to make it look like Rollins disappeared. Police suspected the paper trail was staged, but they didn’t think the girls murdered Rollins. Instead, they thought Rollins was alive, well, and very close, which meant Alison was still in danger!

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Also, Hanna (Ashley Benson) got a call from someone who sounded a lot like Rollins, who said, “Next time, when you try to kill someone, make sure they’re dead.” Hanna was convinced he’s alive, but Aria — not so much.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) spotted Sara Harvey going up to Jenna’s hotel room at The Radley, and when she ended up servings drinks to Jenna’s room, she found out why Jenna’s back in town. Apparently, Jenna and Charlotte were friends, and that’s how Jenna is connected to Rollins. When she heard Charlotte died, she reached out to Archer (aka Rollins), but guess who answered his phone? The girls — but we already knew that. So Jenna and the liars seem to be on the same side, and they’re both trying to figure out the truth about Charlotte etc.

After a while, Aria finally told Hanna about Ezra’s proposal, but said she had to think about it before giving him an answer. She didn’t want to offer someone forever when she might end up in prison. And that’s when Hanna finally told Aria about her failed engagement. But she used it as a way to convince Aria to say yes to Ezra, to get the ending she wasn’t able to have. Aria does end up saying yes, but first, she wanted Ezra to know everything about Rollins. Thankfully, he seemed okay with it all because he proposed again and she officially said yes!

In other relationship news, Caleb made a return to Rosewood and sat down for a heart-to-heart with Spencer. She described how he finally brought her heart back to life after she broke up with Toby, but even so, they decided they’re better off as friends. (Boo!)

Finally, Alison got attacked by someone she thought to be Rollins. When police arrived, the man in the mask scrammed, so she never really discovered his true identity. But Spencer and Hanna went to the spot they buried Rollins to truly figure out if he’s alive — and get this, he’s not! He’s still covered in worms and decaying in the ground. So who was the man who attacked Alison?

No clue, but he might be the same person who murdered Sara Harvey and left her dead in her hotel shower!

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