Serena Williams Shakes, Grooves & Twerks In Preparation For Rio Olympics – Watch

So that's the secret to Serena Williams’s success. The four-time Olympic gold medal winner is getting ready for the Rio 2016 games, and she shared one of her warm-up routines in a new video. Spoiler alert: it involves twerking. Click to watch.

“Everyone, at some point, should do a twerk,” Serena, 34, said in a video for SELF magazine on Aug. 2. In addition to being the Sept. issue’s cover model, she became the publication’s unofficial dance instructor while showing off the moves that keep her flawless body in shape.

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Along with her warm-up and transition move (which could go into a twerk or a wind,) the Wimbledon 2016 winner demonstrated how to do the shake. But, everyone wants to know how to bounce their badonkadonk, and Serena gave some really clear pointers.

“Knees bent, get low, arch, slowly slide and twerk, and twerk, and twerk,” she said. Wow. That should definitely give her the edge when she and her sister, Venus Williams, 36, team up to go for the gold in women’s doubles in Rio.

Though, Serena’s Olympic dance moves have gotten her in trouble in the past. When she defeated Maria Sharapova, 29, in the 2012 Olympics to win her first and only Women’s singles gold medal, she pulled out a dance commonly referred to as a “Crip Walk,” according to the Huffington Post. The dance, made famous by the Crip gang in the 1970, earned her criticism for celebrating gang culture. Of course, most people shot those haters down, as they were just happy that Serena won!

Serena doesn’t wait every four years for the Olympics to come around in order to get her twerk on. While in Las Vegas for Ciara’s, 30, bachelorette party, she, Kelly Rowland, 35, and the rest of the girlfriends hit up a pool party where she began shaking her booty. She even partied with Brazilian soccer star Neymar, 24. Though Serena will be in Neymar’s backyard if she wins her fifth Olympics medal, she might choose to celebrate her win with he new boyfriend, Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, 33. Nice.

What do you think about Serena’s video, HollywoodLifers? Did you find it helpful in locking down your own twerking game? Are you excited to see her play in the Olympics?

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