Brock Lesnar: Teammate Believes The Beast’s Asthma Inhaler Made Him Fail UFC Drug Test

UFC and WWE giant Brock Lesnar is innocent of doping, according to an alleged teammate! The Beast reportedly has severe asthma, and taking his inhaler is allegedly what made him fail the drug test! Click through for details!

Brock Lesnar Asthma Inhaler
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Brock [Lesnar] suffers from whats called RAD, otherwise known as Reactive airway disease,” one of Brock’s alleged teammates, who only identified himself as D2wrote on an online forum. “His doctor for years has prescribed him Advair Diskus (an inhaler), which helps him breathe during the late spring and summer months here in Minnesota when he has episodes. This drug is classified as Beta-2 Agonists. So this is why he got popped by USADA.”

“It’s really just a formality though, because he should of been give a TUE just like people do who have ADHD and take Adderall that fight in the UFC, or other pain killers for injuries,” D2 continued. “He passed the other 7 tests and was not using any GH or Anabolic agents of any kind which everyone is assuming.”

Wow! This is incredibly unfair to Brock if true. Asthma is a serious medical condition, and he needs to take his inhaler to live. Advair is a medicine that includes the steroid Fluticasone, which isn’t the same as the kind of steroid that people sometimes use to bulk up. The UFC announced on July 15 that Brock had been tested five times leading up to UFC 200, and his June 28 came back with some kind of banned substance.

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D2 says that the weather in Minnesota, where they were training together, was particularly harsh; Brock was allegedly hyperventilating to the point where he was using his inhaler all the time. Could that really be what flagged his drug test?

The news that Brock had potentially failed his drug test surprised no one more than his opponent, Mark Hunt, who battled him in the octagon on July 10. Their fight happened after the drug test, and Mark was livid that his major loss happened to someone who may have doped. He threatened to quit the UFC if he didn’t get paid half of Brock’s $2.5 million purse!

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