Frank Ocean Giving Up Music To Become A Nurse? — See Why Fans Are Freaking Out

Fans are getting really impatient waiting for Frank Ocean's third album to drop -- but are they waiting for nothing? That's what they felt after photos surfaced of Frank wearing scrubs! Is he quitting music to join med school? It's been four years since Frank Ocean dropped a new album -- and fans are demanding more! On June 28, multiple photos surfaced of the singer wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope and basically, people started freaking.

Frank Ocean Quitting Music
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Alright, first check out some of these fans who are really worried about Frank Ocean leaving music to take on the medical world.

“I’m sick. I been waitin’ on Frank Ocean’s new album and he done turned into the nurse that check yo blood pressure before the doc come in,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Frank ocean studying to be a nurse? He gonna make y’all wait 4 years to check your heartbeats just like we waiting for his album,” another added.

“Wow, life makes so much more sense. Frank Ocean is in med school, no wonder we haven’t heard from him,” one fan wrote with the photo of Frank. Another added, “If frank ocean is in med school I’m going to med school.”

Frank Ocean — PICS

Well we hate to break it to you but he’s not becoming a nurse — not that we know of. The photos that have surfaced are actually on set of his 2011 video for “Thinking About You.” You can watch that video — that he’s barely in, by the way — here.

The last album we got from Frank Ocean was channel Orange in 2012, and the anticipation has been killing the fans. In April 2015, he shared pics on his Tumblr page and a message that made people think a new album was soon. “I got two versions. I got twoooo versions,” he wrote, adding the hashtags: #ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY. His rep even confirmed that a record was coming in July.

However, July came and went… and still nothing. So we don’t really blame fans for being upset.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Frank Ocean will return to music soon?

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