‘KUWTK’: Kourtney Kardashian & Tyga Hash It Out & Make Amends

Wow, how crazy was the June 19 episode of 'KUWTK'?! The gang headed to Vail, CO and Kourtney and Tyga finally got to sit down and hash out their problems! What did you think of the episode? How amazing was the June 19 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Kris Jenner, 60, surprised the entire Kardashian gang with a secret trip to Vail, Colorado. The ski trip was kept a secret until everyone got there, and tensions were high when Kourtney Kardashian, 37, had to make a serious decision -- to invite Scott Disick, 33, on the family vacay, or not to invite?

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The entire Kardashian gang headed to Vail, CO and they had the most epic ski trip and Kris kept their location a secret the entire time they were on the plane.

Kourtney was a little hesitant at first, to bring Scott on the trip, considering he can get a little crazy. “I don’t want to have to be worried,” she admitted to Kris.

In the end, though, she decided to invite him on the trip because she thought it would be a good idea for the kids. Then, all hell broke loose.

Kylie Jenner, 18, took it upon herself to invite Tyga, 26, and Kourtney was totally not happy with that, considering Tyga brings out the worst in Scott.

Before Tyga got there, Scott was being amazing — skiing with the kids, in high spirits, and having a blast. Kourtney even admitted it, “He’s been good so far but I’m definitely a little nervous because I know how out of hand things could get.” She has every reason to be worried, so we don’t blame her.

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Khloe Kardashian, 31, finally broke the news to Kourt that Tyga was coming on the vacation, and it didn’t go over so well.

Khloe was trying to explain to Kourt that it’s not just Tyga’s fault. “As much as I want to blame other people, you can’t they make their own decisions. Tyga is in our family and so is Scott. We’re going to have to come to some understanding.”

It is so amazing how Khloe is always the voice of reason — we love her. She continued saying, “I do get why Kourtney’s nervous because she doesn’t want Scott to rage but it’s not Tyga’s fault if Scott wants to rage. Let’s hold Scott accountable for Scott’s actions.” Preach, Khloe!

Ok, wow, so things got seriously awkward when Tyga finally showed up and him and Kourtney were acting so weird around each other until T finally broke the ice. He asked Kourtney if she wanted to talk and said, “I just wanted to clear up everything because I feel like you think I’m the bad guy all the time. I wanted to clear up everything.”

Kourtney said it straight out, “I just felt like when I was hearing a million stories, I was just like ‘he has three kids he’s a father, what are you guys doing.'” Tyga said, “I feel like with me around it’s way better because I’m a friend he actually values and listens to.”

Kourt explained to him, though, “When there are responsibilities or when I heard more serious things about Vegas I was starting to get pissed at you. I tend to shift the blame on other people.”

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Tyga shocked us when he revealed, “There was a point it was really bad and I was worried but I felt I helped him realize what’s more important.” That was the turning point when Kourt finally realized it actually wasn’t Tyga’s fault in the end — “He is still the father of my kids and I want him to be the best he can be and it’s reassuring to hear T wants the best as well and I really can’t blame Tyga in the end.”

Wow, we are so happy that Kourtney and Tyga finally made up! What do you think, Hollywoodlifers, are you as happy as we are?

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