Waka Flocka Furious Over Cheating Rumors & Defends Himself: My Love For Tammy Is Real

Waka Flocka only wants positive vibes, and for those alleging that he cheated on his wife, he has a serious message. The rapper blasted those cheating reports on Instagram. Check out the message! Waka Flocka is coming to his own defense after reports suggested he cheated on his wife, Tammy Rivera. The happy couple may be over and done, but Waka posted a message on Instagram on June 7, letting fans know that a 'side chick' wasn't the reason behind the split.

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“If I stay focused on the positives in life, I will automatically attract more positive things into my life,” Waka began the lengthy Insta-post with an image of him flipping his dreads in front of a packed crowd.
In the post, he continued to point out how surrounding yourself with negativity will continue to produce negative outcomes. “If I decide to give into negativity and scarcity, rather than abundance, then that is exactly what I will attract. #BigDawg #LetMeBeGreat#PositiveVibesOnly the negative 👎 #Flocka!!!!!”

The negativity Waka may be talking about are the reports that claimed the rapper cheated on his Tammy earlier in June. Waka has denied the reports but if you ask Simone Patton, that is just not the case. The woman came forward claiming to be Waka’s side piece, and she has evidence! “Waka don’t force me to post these pics of us in the bed together while Tammy was calling you over and over and you had your phone on the floor. Let’s not forget you came at me in the club,” she wrote in a Instagram post!” Things keep getting worse in this cheating scandal!

Simone’s claims are coming off the heels of Tammy sharing a message on social media that made fans believe the couple were seriously over. “Not everyone you lose is a loss, unless it me, then you f***ed up,” Tammy wrote. And when a fan commented on how lucky Waka was to be with her, she simply replied, “was lucky.” Whoa, that definitely sounds like she confirmed the split and hinted at something or some one getting in between them!


But Waka insists another woman has nothing to do with their family. “Me and #Tammy #LOVE was and is real and that’s what these HOES made at,” he added. “Somethings just ain’t forever I guess or Now. Side Note…. You hoes wasn’t the reason know that!!!!”

So if cheating wasn’t the case, what could have broken up this seemingly happy marriage? Although neither Tammy nor Waka have shared much about their split, we couldn’t help but think that the rapper’s outwardly controversial opinions may have been a factor. Over the past year, Waka Flock has made some pretty negative comments about Cailtyn Jenner and the transgender community, and was criticized by many parents after he put his step daughter in a dog cage as a joke. Yikes!

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out for now. But tell us HollywoodLifers, do you think Waka Flock cheated on Tammy?

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