Simone Patton Threatening To Expose Alleged Affair With Waka Flocka With Videos

It seems there's more to Waka Flocka’s split from his wife, Tammy Rivera, than fans thought. Simone Patton claims she and Waka had an affair and she's threatening to release videos that expose him as a cheater if he continues to deny it! Click to see. When it comes to Love and hip-hop, there’s always some drama. Simone Patton has claimed she's behind the breakup between Waka Flocka Flame, 30 and his wife of two years, Tammy Rivera, 30. No matter how much Waka may deny having this affair, Simone swears she has the video proof to back her up!

“Waka, don’t force me to post these pics of us in the bed together while Tammy was calling you over and over and over,” Simone Patton posted on Instagram on June 7, claiming she and the “Game On” rapper got it on. “Let’s not forget you came at me in the club…Don’t deny shit when I have proof.

Ask Tammy how I know she tried to [FaceTime] you over and over,” Simone said in her furious rant, before threatening to expose proof of Waka’s alleged cheating. “You want me to keep going? You want me to post these videos? I’m not the ONLY reason you and Tammy are ‘on a break.'” It seems that Waka, who is running for president, decided to take the wrong page out of Bill Clinton‘s, 69, playbook. If you’re on a break or still with your bae, find the right playlist after

Simone has been a thorn in Waka and Tammy’s side for a few months, even before the two broke up on June 6. In Jan. 2016, Simone said she and rapper Chief Keef, 20, were having a baby, 20, but she sadly miscarried, according to XXL. Tammy allegedly talked some trash about Simone and the miscarriage, causing Simone to fire back. “You do not want me to spill the tea about how you and Waka got into it over me on Christmas day. You were better off keeping my name out of your mouth.”

She even claimed she shot down the affair rumors, according to Design & Trend, telling Tammy “I have been on your side and denied all relations with Waka but don’t try me.” It seems that she’s done denying and ready to be leaking pics, photos and all other alleged evidence of this reported affair.

Do you think Simone has videos and pics of Waka in bed with her, HollywoodLifers? Who do you believe in this?

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