Bette Midler Reveals She Named A Chicken After Kim Kardashian — But It’s Dead Now

OMG, so funny! Bette Midler just revealed that she has a bunch of chickens, including ones named after the Kardashian sisters. Unfortunately, she also revealed that the Kim chicken died... but of what? Bette Midler, 70, has shared the most hilarious story about her home life. While she frequently goes to bat with the Kardashians on social media, the Hollywood legend shared that she even named a bunch of her pet chickens after the sisters.

Bette Midler Chicken Kim Kardashian
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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of Instagram

Oh, no! Bette Midler recently told PEOPLE that she once had all three Kardashian sisters in chicken form. But, unfortunately, Kim suffered a nasty yeast infection that took her life, leaving her chicken mates alone forever.

“We have the Kardashian sisters, actually, are our chickens,” Bette explained, but then delivered some very devastating news. “Kim died of a yeast infection. We had to get some different ones.” Oh, no!

Okay, how funny is that? Bette may not be the biggest fan of the Kardashians, but naming her chickens of them means she definitely has some sort of a connection to them. RIP, Kim! Hopefully the rest of Bette’s chicken get control of their yeast. Eek.

As for the rest of the chickens, since some of them had to be replaced Bette admitted she can no longer tell the Kardashians from the rest of them. Oh, no! That sucks. Maybe she should dress them like each Kardashian so that she can tell them apart?

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think it’s funny that Bette has named her chickens after the Kardashians? Comment below with your thoughts!

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