Ty Dolla $ign: 5 Things To Know About Kylie Jenner’s New Hook Up

Has Kylie Jenner already forgotten all about Tyga? Hours after she split from, Kylie was reportedly spotted kissing Ty Dolla $ign at a party. As 'KUWTK' fans figure out of she’s already moved on, here are 5 things to know about Mr. Dolla $ign. dolla makes everyone holla, from Honey Boo Boo, 10, to Kylie Jenner, 18. A dollar may have made Kylie more than holla, as she reportedly kissed Ty Dolla $ign, 31, right after she broke up with Tyga, 26. It’s a hip-hop love triangle so get to know more about the latest member of Kylie’s love life.

Who Is Ty Dolla Sign
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1. Ty’s a second-generation musician.

Ty is best known for his hip-hop singles “Paranoid,” “Or Nah” and “Blasé,” but he also wrote the hooks to Chris Brown’s, 26, “Loyal” and to “FourFiveSeconds,” the jam featuring Kanye West, 38, Rihanna, 28, and Paul McCartney, 73. Ty must have gotten some of his songwriting from his dad, Tyrone Griffin, a member of the funk band Lakeside. Lakeside’s big hit, 1980’s “Fantastic Voyage,” would get the hip-hop treatment when Coolio, 52, sampled it for his song of the same name.

2. He lives in L.A. but he once gave NYC a try.

“I’m from L.A. South Central area,” Ty told Complex magazine. “I grew up [my] first couple years in the jungles, and then I moved to the Valley.” At the start of the career, Ty moved to New York. While out in the Big Apple, Ty hung out with 50 Cent, 40, while working for Sony Studios, making beats and music. “They cut songs and whatever but none of them got placed. They never came out,” he said.

3. Ty Dollar $ign has a little Dolla $ign daughter.

Ty has a 10-year-old daughter named Jailynn and he became the coolest dad ever when he dropped a verse on Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” single. “My daughter loves them,” he told Fuse. “She put me on to their first album. It’s cool to do a song that might be played in my daughter’s playlist.”

4. His musical influences range from 2Pac to punk.

Before shows, Ty blasts music from hardcore punk legends Cro-Mags and Bad Brains. “It gives me hella energy, but people don’t get it,” he told Billboard. However, when it comes to hip hop influences, Ty reps Cali hard. “2pac is my favorite artist of all time,” he told Complex.

5. Just like Kylie, he’s had his heart broken.

“The first time I fell in love was with my daughter’s mom,” Ty told Noisey. “That was when I was 18 or 19. It lasted for a couple years, and then it didn’t work.” Maybe the reason Kylie decided to reportedly smooch Ty was because he knew exactly what she was going through with Tyga?

What do you think about Kylie reportedly kissing Ty, HollywoodLifers? Do you think they should date?

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