Prince: The Moment His Ashes Were Carried Out After Being Secretly Cremated — Pics

Prince was cremated according to his religion on April 22, and now, the first photos of his family carrying his ashes to their final resting place have surfaced. See the pic of the singer's nephew taking his remains to the family's car here. Even though Prince's death was sudden, unexpected and tragic, his family wasted no time laying him to rest and handling the funeral. Immediately following the 57-year-old's autopsy on April 22, his body was cremated, and his sister, Tyka Nelson, led the rest of his family and loved ones in an intimate funeral. See the first pics of them carrying his ashes to the small ceremony here.

As we previously reported, Prince was celebrated by just a small group of family, friends and his musicians in a goodbye ceremony on April 22 and the final storage of his ashes “will remain private.” A picture shows Tyka’s son, Prez, holding a small casket with Prince’s remains under a leather jacket as they make their way inside a vehicle and you can CLICK HERE TO SEE THESE PHOTOS.

The quiet, intimate funeral was planned based on Prince’s religious beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness, and even though Tyka, Prez and one other family member were the only ones present at the First Memorial Waterston Chapel on the 22, the rest of the group, including his exes, Sheila E and Mayte Garcia, joined them on April 23 for a private memorial at Paisley Park.

The compound is where Prince lived in Minnesota, and where he was ultimately found dead in an elevator on April 21. First responders answered a 911 call at the estate, and although they tried to revive an unconscious Prince, he was officially pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m.

Now, the family is anxiously waiting for the “Purple Rain” singer’s autopsy report, which isn’t expected to be complete for a few weeks. It’s been reported that Prince overdosed on Percocet just days before his death, but at this time, it is still unclear whether or not drugs contributed to his death.

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