Donald Trump’s ‘Insanity’ & ‘Cray’ Remarks Are Motivating Kanye West To Run For President

It's a pretty big deal when Kanye West thinks someone's insane. Yeezus is appalled at the violence and sheer insanity that follows Donald Trump at his rallies, and it has motivated him to run for President in 2020. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details! Even Kanye West, 38, has had enough of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, 69. Yeezy can't believe some of the insane violence and "cray cray" remarks coming out of the Presidential candidate's mouth. And now more than ever, the chaos surrounding Trump is motivating Kanye West to run for President in 2020, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Kanye West Run For President
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One of the President’s main goals is to bring America together. But at just about every single Trump gathering, the opposite happens. Many in the country are shocked at what’s been happening at various Trump rallies, including 2020 hopeful Kanye.

“Kanye’s been cool with Trump, but this insanity at his rallies and some of the stuff that comes out of The Don’s mouth is straight up cray cray,” a source close to the rapper tells “It’s absolutely shocking. It’s motivating Kanye even more to run for President in 2020. Kanye wants to unify the country,” the source continues. “He’s all about love [and] creativity. Whoever is running against him better be prepared in 2020. They’ve never seen anything that’s about to come because the people are on Kanye’s side.”

Kanye’s not the only celeb speaking out on the violence that surrounds Trump at his rallies. As previously reported, many in Hollywood are speaking out in outrage of Trump and his supporters, including Chris Brown, 26, and Miley Cyrus, 23. “I’m glad our people are starting to use our voice more.  All I can say is just no violence, man. No violence. Go to these rallies, protest. Vote, speak for what is right. Hey, I’m as upset as everyone else but do the right thing,” Chris said in a video posted on Instagram.
Miley also voiced her opinion, writing, “Donald Trump promoting violence. I don’t have hate in my heart but the closest thing to it I feel for Donald Trump. I usually would try to be more poetic in my politics but I have no other words than I despise the existence of this f***! Go ahead and be this way in your life but please don’t try to run my country and be my president! This is 1,000,000 steps backwards!”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Trump and his supporters are too violent for America?

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