‘Mob Wives’: Big Ang Revealed She Was Terrified Of Dying Just Months Before Death

As Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola's health was ailing in the weeks before her death, her fear of dying rapidly increased. The late reality star was featured in the first 'Mob Wives' episode since her passing, and she revealed just how terrified she was of her looming death. Even though Angela "Big Ang" Raiola was suffering from stage 4 brain and lung cancer before her Feb. 18 death, the reality star's passing wasn't easy for her loved ones and fans to cope with. Just months before her death, Big Ang had a tough time coming to terms with dying herself, as she knew she wasn't ready to leave her family behind. In the first Mob Wives episode since her passing, Big Ang discusses her fear of death -- and it's truly heartbreaking.

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Big Ang Scared Of Dying
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“All I keep thinking of now is my grandchildren and my kids. Am I ever going to see them again?” she asked as she enters the hospital. “I am scared, what stage cancer is it? What are the results going to be?”

But it wasn’t just the death that scared Big Ang. Perhaps the most terrifying thing to think about was what would happen to her family once she passed away. “I am the glue that holds this family together, without me this family would fall apart,” she continued. “You know I did a lot in my life, I lived a full life but I am not done here, I have got to be around as I want to see my grandchildren.” So sad!

Big Ang was later shown talking to her lung surgeon, who broke the tough news to her that surgery could result in more chemotherapy. This also made her realize how bad her condition had become — as her sister revealed on social media just two weeks before her death — and Big Ang couldn’t help breaking down.

“I was not feeling great about coming here. I am scared, am I going to live or die?” she told the cameras. “I don’t know what the f**k is going on.”

Although her cancer ultimately ended up taking her life not long after the episode was filmed, Big Ang was surrounded with overwhelming support from her loved ones in her final days. Her nieces shared heartbreaking pictures from her last moments that showed several family members at her bedside, which surely helped her fears subside as she peacefully passed.

After her death, several Mob Wives costars, celebrities, and family members shared heartfelt tributes for Big Ang, showing just how loved she was. She was terrified to die, but Big Ang was one heck of a fighter, and her legacy will live on forever!

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