Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift’s Brother Austin Need To Date: They’d Make The Cutest Couple

I've been swooning ever since I saw Selena Gomez cuddling with Taylor Swift's brother, Austin, at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 15. Not only do I think they'd make a cute couple, but they'd probably have the most amazing relationship. Find out why! I'm so glad that Selena Gomez is done talking about Justin Bieber because the guy she should now be focusing her attention on is Taylor Swift's brother, Austin. After seeing them cuddle at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 15, I'm totally convinced they'd be the hottest couple in Hollywood.

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So why do I think that? Well, there are many reasons. For starters, his name isn’t Justin Bieber. Sorry (no pun intended) — I was once a huge Jelena fan, but I think Selena deserves a guy that’s going to treat her like a queen, and JB just isn’t ready to step up to the plate yet. He had his shot, and he blew it. So now, it’s time for someone else to move in and sweep Selena off her feet. And what better man than Taylor’s brother?

Think about it. Taylor and Selena are absolute besties, and they have been for years. We can only imagine Austin, 23, is just like Taylor in a lot of ways, so he and Selena, also 23, would get along perfectly. He’s like the male version of the “Shake It Off” singer.

Plus, Austin has proven that he’s protective of the ones he loves. Just last week, after Kanye West famously dissed Taylor with a new song, Austin posted a video of himself throwing his Yeezy Boosts in the trash! This just proves that he’d be totally loyal to Selena.

Lastly, they looked absolutely adorable sitting next to each other and cuddling at the Grammys — picture perfect! So now, I’m totally rooting for them to get together.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Selena Gomez and Austin Swift date? Do you agree with me? Tell me below!

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