Snapchat Secret Revealed: How To See Your Snaps From The Past Month

All you Snapchatter's get excited! One thing you always wanted Snapchat to have is finally here with 'My Snap Memories.' has all the exciting details. Snapchat never ceases to amaze us. We got texting added, then funny face filters, and we continue to get to see what's going on all around the world. Now we will be able to relive all our Snapchat stories! shares everything you need to know below.

How To Watch Snapchat Stories Month
Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat

Yes it’s true! You get to play back all of your Snapchat stories from the past month. First thing you have to do is sign up with My Snap Memories and your journey to relive your past begins! Once you sign up with them, it will notify you that you will be getting a monthly email of every Snapchat story you made the month before.

But how exactly does it work? The website will tell you that you have to add mysnapchatmemories0 as your friend on Snapchat, which allows them to see your stories. Random Snapchat people watching all of your embarrassing pics and videos? Not exactly. They make it clear that won’t happen. While you have them as a friend, they will continue to save your stories and email them to you at the end of the month. You’re probably wondering what makes this different than just saving the stories yourself. It will free up all that memory on your phone of course!

The exciting part of it all is that you’ll be able to re-live all those sunsets you watched, the times you spotted Kylie Jenner at Disneyland, and the crazy night you and your friends had a little too much too drink at that one party. Trust us, all you Snapchatters will be in Snapchat heaven! Thank you Snapchat team!

HollywoodLifers, are you all excited about this new Snapchat feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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