Kylie Jenner’s Assistant Spills On Her Boss’ Neuroses: Don’t Dare Touch Her Drink Straws

This is hilarious! Kylie Jenner may seem like a super cool chick, but her assistants just spilled the tea on all the crazy stuff she makes them do. Number one rule: hands off the straws! See everything they said, here. Kylie Jenner, 18, seems like a really chill boss, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a handful of bizarre demands! Her two assistants took over Kylizzle's Snapchat to reveal a few of her neurotic needs, including pristine straws for her drinks! We have the scoop, here.

Kylie Jenner Assistant Snapchat
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This is too funny. Kylie is notoriously open and honest with her fans, and in order to help all of us know her a little better, she handed her Snapchat over to the people who know her best: her assistants! And it’s an absolutely gold mine of funny demands that the 18-year-old reality star has.

Kylie is laughing along the whole time, and clearly her assistants like her if they’ll share their negative thoughts in front of her, but it sounds like she can be kinda crazy sometimes. “Kylie asks me for the same f**king smoothie every morning,” says one assistant. When she asks which flavor, Kylie responds “you should know the flavor.”

She also shared a hilarious scenario of Kylie asking for things and forgetting that she requested them. “You’ll be like ‘I want an apple tomorrow.’ The next day I’m like here’s your apple, and you go ‘what the f**k, why would I want an apple.’ You’re like ‘show me the texts,’ you don’t believe me.” So funny!

Her other assistant says that Kylizzle is the craziest when it comes to drinks. “You are particular about your beverages,” she says, explaining that Kylie requires a certain temperature, and god forbid you touch her straws! “If the smoothies gotten too warm, forget it,” she continues. Kylie is a good sport about the whole thing, laughing and saying “You guys make me seem so f**king bougie!” Don’t worry Kylie, we still love you.

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