Tiffany Trump Photoshop Fail: She Posts Overly Edited Pic From North Pole Trip

Whoa, talk about an epic photoshop fail! Tiffany Trump posted a photo from a snowy trip to the North Pole, but from the looks of it she's as orange as an oompa loompa! The color of her face isn't the only thing so incredibly doctored in this photo, read on for more details! Tiffany Trump, 22, is a bright girl, so we have no idea what she was thinking posting such an obviously Photoshopped picture to her Instagram account Dec. 22. Her face has been made to look like she was the victim of a spray-tan attack, while her lips are a shade of pink that you'd only see on a Barbie Doll. Her eyes also have a creepy way too white look that is so obviously not real. What's the deal Tiff?

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Tiffany Trump Photoshop Fail
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Tiffany either needs to take a major crash course in Photoshop, or fire whoever she has doing the job for her because this photo is crazy. We won’t even get into the fact that standing in front of  a guy operating a snow plow makes for the lamest backdrop ever, but it’s her overly retouched face poking out of her parka that we can’t get over. Her eyes are a shade of white that we never knew existed in humans, while her face is practically orange with bright pink accents on her cheeks. Yikes!

Here’s what Tiffany looked like before the massive editing overdose, as she was jetting out of New York with her mom Marla Maples. Which just goes to show how she didn’t need retouching in the first place!

Why she felt the need to overly Photoshop the pic in the first place is beyond us. She’s a naturally beautiful girl and from the looks of other photos on her Instagram account she doesn’t seem to go overboard like this. Not only that, Tiff’s one smart cookie, inheriting her father Donald Trump‘s business smarts as she’s a student at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. She might want to take a page out of The Donald’s playbook and say “you’re fired” to whoever thought this obvious retouching job was okay to share with the world. Buy Donald Trump’s “The Art Of The Deal” by clicking here.

HollywoodLifers, have you ever posted an overly Photoshopped pic?