Kendall Jenner & Drake Perform Epic ‘Hotline Bling’ Dance At Her Birthday Party

Well Kendall Jenner certainly had a happy birthday! The model fulfilled something that many only imagine in their wildest dreams: doing the 'Hotline Bling' dance with Drake himself! So how did she do? Kendall Jenner did her 20th birthday in style, and Drake was on hand to make sure her party was extra special. Pulling out his signature, dorky Hotline Bling dance moves as soon as the song started blasting, Drake invited Kendall on the floor to get down, too!

“At one point during the party, Drake’s club banger ‘Hotline Bling’ came on and it was over! Everyone stopped what they were doing and started dancing,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Drake started doing his dorky dance moves from the video and and people started to form a circle around him to watch him go. It was awesome. Kendall even jumped in the circle and started to dance with him a little bit too.”

Go Kendall! Her birthday party was a star-studded affair, with everyone including her famous sisters, Justin Bieber, and Nick Jonas showing up to fête the Victoria’s Secret runway model. But having Drake at the event giving a live performance of the most talked-about music video of the moment, is on another level! Drake’s dancing in the “Hotline Bling” video is so goofy and cute, and it’s inspired hundreds of parody videos. It’s awesome that he has such a good sense of humor about it!

If only we could have been a fly on the wall at Kendall’s party and seen their dance-off! Apparently, this wasn’t her only interesting interaction with Drake during the party, either. “Even though it was Kendall’s party, Drake owned it! He was the man. All the girls, including Kendall and Gigi [Hadid] were low key flirting with him, but all in good fun, of course,” our EXCLUSIVE source said. “When he left, dude must have walked out with 20 different numbers from different females that were there. Drake — he was definitely on point and feeling himself at the party.”


HollywoodLifers, who do you think does “Hotline Bling” better: Drake or Kendall? Tell us in the comments!

— Samantha Wilson, Reporting by Eric Mitchell 

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