Justin Bieber Admits He Could’ve Died During Rebellious Stage: ‘I Was Doing Anything’

Justin Bieber isn't afraid to confess he used to be a troublemaker! He opened up about his more rebellious days in a new interview and even revealed that he's just thankful to be alive! Everybody makes mistakes, but Justin Bieber, 21, thinks his could have definitely had bigger consequences. He didn't hold anything back in an interview with Complex magazine, admitting that he used to do some pretty dangerously risky stuff -- which he thinks could have easily had him killed! See what else he has to say about his rebel past!

Justin Bieber Past
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As Justin continues to work on improving his image, he seems to be doing one revealing interview after the other. He even admitted to Z100’s Elvis Duran that he thinks he’s a bad influence! But when the Complex interviewer confronted the Biebs about times when his ego got the best of him, Justin made a pretty shocking statement!

“I was doing anything. I was doing so many things that I shouldn’t even be on the planet still,” Justin said. “I think that it was by the grace of God.”

Whoa…Justin may have done some not-so-smart things in the past (and even landed himself some jail time), but thinking he avoided death seems a bit extreme! Even if Justin did come close to danger, he made sure to credit his manager Scooter Braun for keeping him in line. “The whole time, Scooter always made sure I was safe and made sure situations didn’t escalate. He’d fix every situation,” he said. “It almost wasn’t good, because I’d be like, any time I wanna do something, Scooter is gonna take care of it. It backfired a few times.”

Although Justin gained some haters from his rebellion, he called his journey “an awesome learning experience” that allows him to tell a story. Considering Justin thinks he came close to death, his story sounds like it would be quite the nail-biter!

The Biebs also said he wouldn’t change his past no matter how risky it might’ve been. In fact, he wants his transformation to be an inspiration to others! “I went through my s***, I came out on the other side,” Justin confessed, “and I’m going to show you it gets better.” Obviously we’re happy Justin is alive and well, but we’re even happier to hear he’s grown so much from his past!

Were you shocked that Justin thinks he shouldn’t be alive, HollywoodLifers? Tell us your thoughts on his in-depth interview below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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