Selena Gomez Wishes Demi Lovato A Happy Birthday: They’re BFFs Again

What a sweet message! Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato may not be as great of friends as they were a few years ago, but that doesn't mean the singer isn't going to wish Demi a happy birthday! Read the precious note Selena sent Demi on her day of birth. Selena Gomez, 22, wins BFF points for this one! The singer reached out to Demi Lovato, 23, and wished her a happy birthday with a wonderful message. Even though the two aren't as close as they used to be, Selena still went out of her way to tell Demi to have the best birthday ever! That's what you call a great friend.

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Demi Lovato Birthday Selena Gomez
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First Demi followed Selena on Instagram and now this?! Fans of the BFFs must be having a meltdown right now. The 23-year-old singer has been having a wonderful birthday so far on Aug. 20 and her special day got even better. “@ddlovato IM so grateful you were born. #nomatterwhat #forever #haveTHEbestbday,” Selena tweeted to her friend. Cue the aw’s! After a couple of rough years, it’s nice to see these two are becoming friends again.

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Demi and Selena’s friendship hit a rough patch July 2014 when the 23-year-old unfollowed her friend of many years on Twitter. Many speculated that Demi decided to ditch Selena because Demi was tired of her drama with on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, 21. After Demi unfollowed Selena, she posted a meme that read: “Swimming away, from your bullsh*t, bye b*tch.” She also included the peace sign emoji with her meme tweet. But, it looks like bygones are bygones, especially since Selena reached back out to her former BFF.

Demi Defends Her Racy Cosmo Cover

Demi ended her 22nd year of life on an inspirational note. The singer gained the confidence to pose in a very revealing dress on the cover of Cosmo. Instead of being praised for it, Demi was bashed for it when a protest launched in July 2015 by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, named “Cosmo Harms Minors,” called for issues of the magazine to be covered in stores so that children don’t see sexual content. She took to her Instagram and wrote, “It’s so liberating to be able to show the world how confident a woman can be once she learns to love herself. It took soul searching and a bit of time before I learned to embrace my body therefore I could not have been more excited to do this shoot. I think what’s more important is showing women there’s NOTHING WRONG with embracing their bodies and sexuality. I am confident in my own skin and A PROUD @COSMOPOLITAN COVER GIRL!” You tell them, Demi!

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— Michelle Phi