Selena Gomez’s Song ‘Good For You’ — Wants To Show Justin What He’s ‘Missing Out On’

Now that we've listened to 'Good For You' about 100 times and are totally obsessed, we just HAD to know the meaning behind it! And it turns out the track IS directed at Selena Gomez's ex, Justin Bieber! Selena Gomez, 22, has a message for you, Justin Bieber. The gorgeous singer's new song "Good For You" reminisces on a past romance, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the title and lyrics have two very different meanings...but they're both directed at The Biebs!

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While the lyrics of the song are geared toward wanting to always looks super sexy for a lover, choosing the title “Good For You” was intentional because it can mean so much more than that. “The song was totally written with Justin in mind,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “The title refers to Selena’s feelings about her relationship with Justin, in that she feels she’s good for him, but he doesn’t know better.”

The meaning behind the track’s words, though, are a bit more hard-hitting. “The lyrics are not to reach out to him per se, but more about what he’s missing out on,” our source explains. “She references a dress that he loved seeing her in — he always loved seeing her in tight dresses that accentuated her curves.”

Indeed, Selena does sing in the song, “Gonna wear that dress you like, skin tight,” and, as has EXCLUSIVELY reported, we know Justin loves her with a curvier, fuller figure. Of course, we HAVE to wonder if Justin’s heard the song yet!

Selena Gomez’s Sexy Video Teaser For ‘Good For You’

And if he hasn’t he’ll definitely want to be on high alert for the upcoming video…because it’s not just the song’s lyrics that are enticing and super sexy! Selena released a teaser for her new single’s video on June 22, which shows her looking sexier than ever, rolling around on a couch in a plunging dress.

She looks amazing in the 30 second clip, as well as the behind the scenes photos she’s shared from the shoot, so we can only imagine how amazing the video is going to be. And now that this is all out there, we are more anxious than EVER for Selena’s upcoming album!

HollywoodLifers, tell us: What do you think of the meaning behind “Good For You”?

— Alyssa Norwing, reporting by Jon Boon