Josh Duggar ‘May Have Been Sexually Molested Himself’ — Expert Says

Could Josh Duggar have been the victim of sexual abuse? spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Steven Ornstein, a family psychologist, who suggests Josh's alleged fondling of minor girls could be 'repeat behavior.' Josh Duggar, 27, is at the center of a very shocking scandal, in which he is accused of molesting at least five minor females when he was 14 years old. Here at we are trying to get to the bottom of how and why these horrific incidents could have occurred, and thanks to expert comments from family psychologist Steven Ornstein there may finally be some answers.

Josh Duggar Molested Child
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Josh Duggar Molested As A Child? — Psychologist Claims ‘Repeat Behavior’

As news of Josh’s dark past as an accused sexual offender continues to spread, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to family psychologist Steven Ornstein in hopes of finding out how and why these incidents occurred. While he did provide some insight into the mindset behind why someone like Josh might have done something so terrible to young girls, it’s possible the situation could be even more troubling than it already is.

“It’s quite likely that Josh was sexually molested himself,” Dr. Ornstein explained. “This kind of behavior repeats itself. His sexual misconduct at the age of 14 was not normal, and should have raised major concerns when it happened.”

Dr. Ornstein continues to explain that Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, did him a great disservice by not reporting the alleged molestations to the authorities when they happened.

Josh Duggar Bombshell: Police Report Alleges He Molested 5 Female Minors

“Obviously, something disturbing and inappropriate was happening to this then 14-year-old boy that needed further examination. Was he being sexually molested by someone close to him or his family? These are questions that Child Protective Services would have asked. They would have interviewed Josh extensively, as well as his parents and siblings,” says Ornstein, founder the Neurodevelopmental Learning Institute in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, as we all know now, that never happened. Now, almost a decade has passed since the allegations were made.

Josh & His Family Should Still Be Interviewed By CPS, Says Expert

Although lots of time has passed since Josh allegedly fondled and molested five underage girls when he was 14 years old, Dr. Ornstein believes he should still have to answer to CPS.

“Children who suffer from sexual molestation need help and counseling. It doesn’t just go away,” Dr. Ornstein told “Josh should be interviewed, as well as his children. They should also interview Josh’s parents who still have young children at home.”

For the record, Dr. Ornstein has not evaluated or treated Josh or any member of the Duggar family.

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–Written by Susan Johnson, Reporting by Sandra Clark

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