Katy Perry & Taylor Swift: It’s Time To Stop Feuding

Ladies, please! Enough is enough. Katy, your Super Bowl diss of Taylor may have been subtle but it wasn't missed by either of your very perceptive sets of fans. But now, Katy and Taylor, it's time to kiss and make up! Katy Perry, you were spectacular in the Super Bowl halftime show. From riding a puppet lion while singing "Roar" to sailing across the sky during "Firework", you paid attention to every detail of your performance -- apparently including a subtle diss to frenemy Taylor Swift!

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Katy Perry Taylor Swift Still Feuding
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Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Still Feuding: It’s Time To Stop!

Yes, that’s right. Prior to your performance, HollywoodLife.com had heard that you were planning a teensy tiny diss to Taylor, and then you delivered.

Your backup dancers during your performance of “California Gurls” were wearing retro ’50s-style, two-piece, high-waisted polka-dot bikinis EXACTLY like a red polka-dot bikini Taylor sported during the summer of 2012.

That was the summer that Taylor spent every spare second with summertime boyfriend Conor Kennedy in Cape Cod, Mass. And she was photographed several times in that distinctive bikini.

So Katy, you were referencing Taylor and her love life. But Katy, the diss goes deeper because the swimsuits were sported by your backup dancers, and the source of your feud with Taylor is reportedly over backup dancers.

For those who haven’t followed the details of this alleged feud, the gist of it is that Taylor supposedly “stole” Katy’s backup dancers and then Katy “stole” them back before Taylor’s last “Red” tour.

That’s why it was so significant that it was the backup dancers wearing the polka-dot suits. “Katy knew it would get under Taylor’s skin,” a source close to Katy told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

Now, Taylor Swift, like most of America, you did watch the Super Bowl, and you did not miss the diss, according to an insider source close to you.

You aren’t planning to just let this move by Katy slide by, according to our source. “Taylor will get Katy back, but she will do it via a music video or other high-profile situation. Taylor wants the last laugh,” the source told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.


Katy & Taylor: You Should Support Each Other

Now, ladies, ladies. Don’t you think you should take a timeout from your feud? Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Hasn’t the Super Bowl given enough super-sized attention to a cat fight that neither of you needs?

Just step back for a second, Taylor and Katy. You’re both highly talented, intelligent and powerful young women, succeeding in one of the toughest industries ever: pop music.

You should both be on the same team, as in Team Woman! There are so few females who rise to the very top in any industry, let alone the music industry, which has been long dominated by male music producers and performers.

You two should be highfiving and supporting each other, not frenemizing! Women should come together, not tear each other apart.

But even more importantly, you two are highly regarded role models to millions of other young women.

Katy, you have 64.5 million Twitter followers and 14.1 million on Instagram.

Taylor, you have 51.8 million followers on Twitter and 20.8 million on Instagram.

Think about how these young women look up to you. What message are you sending them when you two are having a very thinly veiled cat fight that’s gone on for months?

Your fans are aware of every twist and turn on Twitter, in interviews and now at the Super Bowl.

So, ladies, think of your leadership positions. You both have the capacity and life forums to be great role models, and usually you are.

Don’t let “teenage” feuding get in the way of your greatness.

In a world where women are too often victims and are too often divided by men, you two should stand together.

So instead of plotting your next revenge moves, how about planning dinner? Talk it out and then show us all how you’ve kissed and made up!

Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Should Katy and Taylor stop frenemizing and become friends? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller 
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