Drake: How He Really Feels About Stripper’s Accusations

We finally found out how Drake's feeling after stripper, Jhonni Blaze, went to police claiming that his team threatened her life after they had a one-night stand! His reaction is not what you're thinking -- get the scoop! Drake, 27, may have started from the bottom, but after the recent allegations that Texas stripper Jhonni Blaze made against him, he feels he's at the top! Jhonni claimed that Drake's team threatened her life after she and the rapper had a one night stand -- but he's not letting the claims get him down, a source close to the rapper told HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

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Drake Responds To Stripper Jhonni Blaze Accusations

“All this means to Drake is that he’s arrived. He feels he’s a heavy hitter and knee deep in the game right now,”the insider told us exclusively. “When woman claiming to have f—ed and then saying that afterwards they saved your sh-t, and then go to the police and lie about some sh-t that didn’t even happen, yeah, he’s a major player now.”

When the allegations came out on Oct. 6, police confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that they responded to a call on Oct. 5 by a female reporting who claimed she was being threatened by a “possible celebrity.” She said they hooked up and afterward, he became nervous she would go to the public, so his team “threatened her life.”

But Drake’s totally shaking it off.

Drake Thought It Was All A Movie

“When Drake heard all his he thought his homie [StevenSpeilberg had wrote a new movie starring him! This is some bogus made for the big screen type of drama,” the source told us.”

He’s also not afraid to talk to the police.

“He has nothing to hide,” the insider said. “He will talk to any and all authorities should they contact him. He’s just over the whole ordeal and wants to concentrate on music — that’s all — just music and living life to the highest satisfaction possible. ”

Well, do you think he should be taking this more seriously or is he right — does this mean he made it? Let us know!

— Written by Emily Longeretta, Reporting by Eric Ray

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