‘True Blood’: Why Jessica & Jason Are Endgame

One of the best parts about the July 20 episode of 'True Blood' was the fact that Jessica and Jason totally rekindled their romance! These two have totally been endgame since season four, you can't deny it! There's a never ending debate on True Blood about whether Sookie (Anna Paquin) should end up with Bill (Stephen Moyer) or Eric (Alexander Skargard), but that's not the case with Sookie's brother, Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). Since season four, True Blood has totally been setting up the Jason and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) romance as endgame. And with their recent rekindling on the July 20 episode, that idea is more alive that ever.

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‘True Blood’: Why Jessica & Jason Are Endgame

First of all, doesn’t everyone remember how hot Jessica and Jason were in season four? Yes, Jessica was with Jason’s best friend Hoyt, but there just wasn’t that spark between them.

Whenever Jason and Jessica would walk into a room together, sparks would fly. (I’m not referencing a Taylor Swift song just because that was the song that played when they first had sex. But hey, it works.)

After Jessica saved him on the side the road, it was pretty much a done deal. Look, I know Jessica felt Jason’s thoughts and feelings after that, but I don’t care. A similar scenario happened on The Vampire Diaries between Damon and Elena and don’t even get me started on that endgame. Jessica’s blood may have prompted Jason to have feelings for her, but the chemistry was too undeniable for it not to have been real.

Their relationship sort of fell apart after season four, with both Jessica and Jason moving on with other people. However, their pull toward each other still remained and True Blood has dropped hints about them recently. They’ve been subtle hints, but only add to the fact that they are meant for each other. 

One of the biggest hints was in the July 20 episode. Andy was preparing to propose to Holly and needed a ring. Sookie decided on her grandmother’s ring, which was actually left to Jason to give to his future wife (aka Jessica).

Jessica thought the ring was absolutely beautiful, but Jason’s current girlfriend Violet simply huffed, “That’s it?”

A karat size does not represent true love. It’s the love behind the ring that makes it so special.

Then, Jessica and Jason had a heart-to-heart conversation. After Jessica discovered James (Nathan Parsons) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) having sex, she was understandably hurt. The only person she ultimately wanted to talk to was Jason. He calmed her down and eased her pain. (I pretty much lost my mind during these scenes. They are just too cute.)

Jason revealed that he didn’t want to give his grandmother’s ring to Violet and pretty much confessed that he didn’t love her. Jessica called him the sweetest man in the world before planting a long overdue kiss on him. This resulted in a full-on love-making session that I’m not ashamed to say that I LOVED. (I’ve waited nearly three years for this and it was glorious.)

Maybe I’m living in a fantasy world in regards to Jason and Jessica. If so, just let me live. I think they are endgame and the truth will be revealed soon!

HollywoodLifers, do you agree that Jessica and Jason are endgame on True Blood? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson

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