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‘True Blood’: Why The Latest Victim Wanted To Be Killed Off

Adding to Bon Temps' rapidly growing death toll, 'True Blood' lost one of its finest (literally) on the July 6 episode. So why did the victim go? Click to find out! We're still reeling over True Blood's latest shocker. The July 6th said farewell to a major player, and at HollywoodLife.com, we've learned something even more shocking -- the actor wanted to be killed off the show! Keep reading to see why, plus, check out fangworthy pics that will help you deal with the loss.

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‘True Blood’: Alcide Dead — Joe Manganiello Killed Off

Yes, it’s true. The abs are gone. Really, really gone. This is not a joke —  victims have come back before on True Blood, but not this time.  Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is dead.

The July 6 episode saw Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) werewolf boyfriend (aka God) shot dead, while trying to save her life. Sookie did what every fan wished they could have to deal with the loss — she cried over his naked body.

Sure, Alcide’s final moments were in all of his naked glory, but why was he killed off True Blood in the first place? Joe wanted to move on!

“Joe brought up to the producers that he wanted to be killed off because he wants more out of his career then just being known as being the guy on True Blood,” an insider close to the show EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.com. “The producers gave him his wish because when he brought it up, it was before the final season was announced.”

Joe Manganiello: Alcide’s Death ‘Had To Happen’

Joe may have wanted off the show, but True Blood‘s showrunner was in agreement for the storyline, too.

“I had dinner with the showrunner, Brian Buckner,” Joe told our sister site TVLine, recalling the moment he found out he was being killed off. “It wasn’t some big, dramatic thing; we just sat down to dinner and he said, ‘You know we’re killing you, right?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I figured.'”

He added that he called it from the moment he read Season 6’s finale script because “there was no way they could keep him around,” in regards to Sookie wrapping up the series. “Sookie has to settle things with the vampire guys, and you can’t have Sookie break Alcide’s heart because then the audience isn’t going to side with her or identify with her.”

Even if Joe asked to be off the show way back when, he agrees that “story wise, it had to happen” with the end of True Blood near. And regardless of why he was really killed off, there’s no bad blood. Joe thanked his cast, crew and fans on Twitter, after Alcide was shot down.

HollywoodLifers, are you sad that Joe was killed off of True Blood for good? Will you miss him? If so, check out these ab-tastic pics to ease the pain, but sound off below, wishing farewell to Alcide!

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