Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus’ BFF Feud On Twitter After Diss Video

Shots fired! On Dec. 20, a week after Miley's BFF, Cheyne Thomas, made a video mocking Demi's past drug addiction, the feud came to a head as he and Demi traded barbs back and forth on Twitter. Demi Lovato was "furious" with The X Factor for even coming close to making fun of her past substance abuse problems on Dec. 19, so we knew she wasn't going to let Miley Cyrus' best friend and assistant, Cheyne Thomas, off the hook for his insensitive Instagram video that made fun of her alcoholism on Dec. 14. And on Dec. 20, the feud finally went public on Twitter.

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Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Best Friend Feud
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Demi Lovato & Cheyne Thomas Feud On Twitter

Demi seemed to start the fire, tweeting:

The tweet was meant to be subtle, but Demi was clearly referring to Miley and her choice to be good friends with Cheyne. Cheyne was quick to respond to the diss, and that’s when the Twitter fight broke out. We’ll just lay out the back and forth and let you take it in (and make sure to note, these two are being extremely sarcastic with each other):

Cheyne: So nice running into you!

Demi: You should come by my dressing room.. Sounds super fun right?

Cheyne: Stop trying to get famous off me

Demi: I can’t help it!! You just have SO MUCH going for you!!!!

Cheyne: hahaha don’t stoop below your level Demi, you’re better than this. Hahah it is funny tho :)

Demi: hahaha you’re so right. Come by my room.

Cheyne: I think we can get past this. This whole experience has made me like you more.

Demi has since deleted her tweets to Cheyne (though her initial shot at Miley remains), which is too bad, because they’re pretty hilarious and show that she’s not afraid to stand up for herself. Our favorite one is when she makes fun of Cheyne for being an assistant.

Demi Lovato Stands Up For Herself

It’s hard not to take Demi’s side in this feud. She did absolutely nothing to deserve being made fun of by Cheyne — a horribly distasteful joke — and it’s understandable that she feels a little betrayed that Miley didn’t smack some sense into her assistant.

Though her initial tweet was maybe too passive aggressive and transparent, we’re still happy to see that Demi isn’t taking crap from anyone, especially not from her former friend’s boy toy.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are you Team Demi or Team Cheyne? Let us know!

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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