‘Catching Fire’: Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Snotty Josh Hutcherson Kiss

Her onscreen counterpart Katniss Everdeen may not be sure about her feelings for Peeta, but Jennifer Lawrence is crystal clear when it comes to her kissing scenes with Josh Hutcherson. Jennifer told Kelly Ripa that she loved their big 'Catching Fire' kiss, even if it was a little... snotty. Jennifer Lawrence, 23, is known for her wit and candor during live interviews, and the Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress certainly didn't disappoint on Live With Kelly and Michael on Nov. 21. Her co-star Josh Hutcherson recently said that his Catching Fire kiss with Jennifer was "very slobbery," so Jen used this live, national platform to clear the air.

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Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Snotty Kissing

When Kelly Ripa asked Jennifer about Josh’s snotty remark, the actress — who has already made her mark as an over-sharer when it comes to bodily functions — was more than happy to dish out all of the gory details.

“That can be explained,” she said of the aforementioned slobber. “[Josh’s character Peeta] was getting CPR before we kiss, so most of that drool belonged to Sam Claflin. Then I got involved and I was crying, because it was an emotional scene. So, I’m snotting.”

Happens to the best of us, girl.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Snot: Unbreakable

This being Jen, the details did not stop there. They got worse — oh, they got much worse.

“On my phone I have a video of the longest snot string you’ve ever seen,” she said. “It was unbreakable. Even when I was [coughing], it was blowing and moving [but not breaking]. It was made of like, Spiderman webs.”

Hey man, some of us like cat videos, some prefer to capture footage of long strings of snot. Different strokes for different folks. But despite all of that gore, Jennifer said that she and Josh still “love kissing!” — which is good, because Katniss and Peeta will probably be doing a lot of that in the near future.

— Shaunna Murphy

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