Eminem: Did He Lip Sync During ‘SNL’ Performance? Watch

The controversial rapper is being accused of lip syncing during his highly anticipated performance Nov. 2 -- but did he? Read on for more details! Eminem, 41, has some explaining to do! Though he shut the rumors down that he lip synced during his Nov. 2 Saturday Night Live performance, the actual footage from the show tells otherwise; his mouth movements weren't in sync with the music!

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‘SNL’ Performance: Did Eminem Lip Sync?

Since the news broke, a representative for Eminem denied rumors that the rap star mimed his performance, but admitted that Eminem did use a vocal track as well as a live microphone.

“He just likes this sound … and if you listen to his albums, they are done the same way,” the rep explained.

Eminem’s ‘SNL’ Performance: Viewers Express their Anger

While Eminem’s representative has since denied rumors of the rap star’s alleged lip syncing, viewers took to Twitter to express their anger after watching the mediocre performance.

“If what you’re doing in the studio is so complicated, you can’t pull it off live, then don’t even bother recording it. #Eminem #SNL #lipsync” @jeremycox tweeted.

Meanwhile, @CedGordon tweeted, “I didn’t know you were allowed to lip sync on SNL. Eminem wasn’t singing Bezerk live, was he? Sounded just like the record.”

Others compared Eminem’s performance to Ashlee Simpson‘s 2004 SNL disaster. Remember when she was caught lip syncing and immediately slammed for it?

Ouch! Apparently, viewers felt robbed of a real “live” performance. After all, it’s Saturday Night Live, so isn’t that the point?

HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think? Watch Em’s performance below and sound off!

WATCH: Did Eminem Lip-Sync On ‘SNL’?

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