Nicki Minaj Rejected Drake After One Night Stand — Report

Could Rihanna be Drake's second choice? A shocking new report claims that the sensitive rapper had his heart set on Nicki until she left him high and dry! No wonder Drake sounds so sad on his new album. The 26-year-old rapper may be rekindling a romance with Rihanna, but the only reason he's single anyways might be because Nicki Minaj flat-out denied him!

Nicki Minaj Drake Hook Up
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Drake Gets Denied By Nicki Minaj After Hookup

Drake was reportedly madly in love with Nicki, and only had eyes for her, according to Media Takeout. “Drake made it known that he was in love with Nicki,” a source said. “Everyone knew it.”

Even though Nicki was totally uninterested in Drizzy, he continued to pursue her fiercely and finally one night the stars seemed to align for him. “Drake was persistent and he must have caught Nicki on a [good] day, because she gave in.”

The two stars reportedly finally hooked up and got hot and heavy, but Nicki only saw it as a one night stand, whereas Drake tragically thought it was the beginning of something more. “I guess he thought they were going to be in a relationship or something,” the insider told Media Takeout. “But it was just a one time thing for Nicki.”

Drake Raps About Nicki Minaj

Drake is clearly still feeling a little heartbroken over being led on by Nicki — on his new album’s opening track, “Tuscan Leather,” the rapper subtly references being on the outs with his former friend and love interest:

Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breakin’
I dropped the ball on some personal s**t, I need to embrace it
I’m honest, I make mistakes, I’d be the second to admit it
Think that’s why I need her in my life, to check me when I’m trippin’

So does Drake realize that he messed up by trying to get romantic with one of his BFFs? How is this going to make Rihanna feel, knowing that she may be Drake’s second choice?

Let us know what you think, HollywoodLifers!

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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