Farrah Abraham’s Chances Of Being In ‘Playboy’ Are ‘Very Slim’

The Teen Mom-turned-porn star revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that she would love to pose for 'Playboy.' But an insider tells us the odds are not in her favor! Do you think she should get the chance? As if Farrah Abraham's adult film Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom wasn't revealing enough, the former Teen Mom star wants to land in the pages of Playboy magazine!

Farrah Abraham Playboy
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Farrah Abraham In Playboy — Teen Mom Wants To Be A Centerfold

Farrah left nothing — literally, nothing — to the imagination when she filmed her porn flick with adult film star James Deen. But the 22-year-old single mom says she’d be open to baring it all again in a magazine if the right opportunity came along.

“I think the only magazine I’d probably do is probably Playboy because, I think they keep it the classiest,” Farrah tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “So that’s really about it. I wouldn’t do any other one. Any other nude type of shot.”

Farrah Abraham Has ‘Slim’ Chance Of Being In Playboy

But the mom to Sophia, 4, shouldn’t run out and get her bunny suit any time soon.

“Farrah’s chances of being in the pages of Playboy are very slim!” A source close to Playboy tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“Haven’t we seen all that we need to see from her already?” the insider adds. “The monetary gain of an issue with her in it wouldn’t be beneficial to Playboy‘s bottom line.”

Poor Farrah! Maybe Hugh Hefner will have a change of heart.

What do YOU think about Farrah wanting to pose for Playboy, HollyMoms? Do you think she should?

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— Reporting by Russ Weakland

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