Portia De Rossi: See The Shocking Pics Of Her Drastically Different Face

Portia looks totally different in the new ‘Arrested Development' episodes! Fans and top docs agree that she doesn't look like the same person! Look at all of these pics of Portia and tell us what you think of her face and if you notice anything different! Portia de Rossi is a gorgeous woman but everyone thinks she's had plastic surgery! Most of the Arrested Development fans believe that she looks nothing like Lindsay Bluth-Fünke. HollywoodLife.com has compiled some pics of Portia and we want to know what you think!

Image Credit: Fameflynet/ Courtesy of Fox

Portia de Rossi — Has She Had Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Edward P. Miranda, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who practices in San Francisco, Calif. tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY:

“It appears that Portia underwent nasal tip reconstruction. Her nose used to point downward, and you can clearly see it is now upturned. She also may have had blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make her eyes appear wider. Lastly, she definitely appears to have Botox injections (judging by her perfectly smooth forehead) and filler injections to the border of her upper lip.”

We think she looks so good but we just can’t figure out if she’s really had plastic surgery, can you?

Watch: Portia De Rossi Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

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— Chloe Melas, Reporting by Dory Larrabee

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